The Amazing Race Recap

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

November 15, 2011

Point at it all you want, Zac. He's not going to listen.

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The Mercy Rule may be in effect as Zac is finally ceded his clue. If this were Dance Dance Revolution, we’re pretty sure that all of his steps would have made for one of those YouTube videos entitled “Wurst Playr Evah!!!” Then again, at least Zac isn’t a jackass. Ernie and Cindy finish churning butter (no euphemism here) and are likely to finish in first place on this leg. Not content to make their way to the pit stop and prove their competence, they arbitrarily decide to U-Turn Bill & Cathi, presumably because they have the audacity to make for a better love story. We hope they get so lost on the way that they wind up in Belgium.

A few minutes later when Bill & Cathi complete their heat, they recognize that they have been U-Turned. They choose to do the same in order to assure themselves of finishing the leg outside of last place. This is overkill for a team currently in second or at least that was our opinion right up until they stated that Laurence & Zac are the ones being U-Turned. May the Force be with you, Bill & Cathi.

While Bill & Cathi lament this turn of events, we see it as a huge positive, because they are now allowed to correct their earlier mistake. They get to perform the All Hopped Up leg, which we expect to be the highlight of The Amazing Race for them as well as the viewer. The bad news is that Hopper doesn’t finish his gauntlet cleanly and then the poor lil dude gets winded afterward. Bill switches off to Speckles and while we hate to cast aspersions on Hopper, Speckles is clearly the class of this steeplechase. Speckles has the type of vertical leap that must make him the Michael Jordan of rabbits.

The last two teams are both at the dance. Sandy and Amani face off with both ladies acquitting themselves very well. Each of them quickly completes the challenge and should immediately offer to provide Zac dancing lessons for a small fee. At this point, these two teams are the least likely to survive this leg of the competition, but the U-Turn hanging over Laurence & Zac’s heads may yet prove decisive.

Remember how we said that anyone who chooses All Churned Out is an idiot? Guess what Laurence & Zac select? Okay, the Dynamic Dudes do as well, but they have an excuse. We like them more. Also, they are better at churning butter as they smoke Angry Dad and son.

Jeremy & Sandy continue to make crucial mistakes in the game. They get lost on the road to the next heat, which drops them to last place in the competition. The Pollards beat them to the next destination and, proving how great they are relative to the others, they choose All Hopped Up. Way to not be idiots! Marcus takes all of the rabbits through his own combine and the results speak to latent scouting eye. As the editing cuts between Jeremy’s passive aggressive swipes at Sandy and the Pollards’ ringer rabbit clearing the steeplechase, it’s clear that the Pollards will be safe this week. Tonight’s elimination will come down to the U-Turned Laurence & Zac versus the hopelessly lost Jeremy & Sandy.


Bill & Cathi reach the finish line in second place despite Ernie & Cindy’s dick move. Andy & Tommy are right on their heels in third place and a bit after that, the Pollards complete the leg in fourth place, well rested and having seen all the sights. Meanwhile, Laurence & Zac catch a break for the first time in this leg when they choose Speckles who, as we know, owns this course.

Jeremy & Sandy continue a leg rife with mistakes by choosing All Churned Out. Why do these people hate cute bunny rabbits? Anyway, the fledgling couple’s fortune is overdue for reversal and they catch just this break as Team AngryDad gets lost on the way to the pit stop for this leg. While we initially believe this is run of the mill editing to make the situation appear closer than it is, the surprise is on us when Jeremy & Sandy reach Phil first. When Laurence and Zac reach the pit stop, they are informed that they have been eliminated from the race, which sucks for Zac and is long overdue for Laurence.

Our wish for next week is that Cindy and her dupe of a boyfriend go from first to worst in the upcoming episode.

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