The Amazing Race Recap

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

November 15, 2011

Point at it all you want, Zac. He's not going to listen.

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Jeremy & Sandy, the new couple who finished in last place, are the final team to open a clue. At 3:42 PM, they are only a half hour out of first place, meaning that even if there were not intentional bunching at the airport, this would be a hotly contested start to the leg.

At the airport, Laurence makes an executive decision (in his mind) to connect through London to Copenhagen. Cindy the self-absorbed notices this conversation and inquires about the details. Laurence, who will never be nominated for Mr. Congeniality, condescendingly states, “Yeah, she is” in the most acerbic manner possible. This is what it sounds like when stupid people think they are being clever.

The other five teams all take the same flight, but when they reach a connecting destination, all of the duos save for Team Pollard scramble for a better arrival time. All four other teams discover a way to make it to Copenhagen that evening. Team DoucheDaddy does make it to the capital city before anyone else, though. They arrive at 8:30 p.m. Eight minutes later, an unnamed former Indianapolis Colts Tight End 40 career receiving touchdowns is shown watching the airplanes land. He and his wife are having a relaxing, romantic evening of plane-spotting.

A few minutes later, Angry Dad and the seed of his loin (Ewww! *I* know!) are shown rushing through Copenhagen to the belltower. If Laurence & Zac are eliminated while the Pollards survive, this is an absolutely brutal edit. We would hope for this even if we hadn’t drafted Marcus Pollard for our fantasy football team for six years running.


Sure enough, the belltower is closed for the evening and will not open until 7:30 the following morning. Cut to the wonderful Pollard family (let’s exchange Christmas cards!) comfortably napping at an airport. Ain’t karma grand?

The news is not all grand for the Pollards. First of all, Marcus left in free agency the year before the Colts finally won a Super Bowl. Second, they are still at the airport at 7:18 a.m., waiting for their flight. Meanwhile, the other five teams are all standing outside the door at the belltower, waiting for it to open. Don’t panic, though. The Pollards are well rested and that will make them a powerhouse for the rest of the leg. Do not doubt this.

At the belltower, teams are intended to stand at the highest points and look down to see a pair of banners. The first one says Frederiks and the other says Borgslot, the latter of which once destroyed an entire Starfleet. After the players lament the turn of Locutus of Borg and Riker’s conflicted decision to fire on his ship, they will race to this impressive castle to find their next clue (and a gorgeous handmaiden we believe is the Borgslut of Borgslot). Most of the teams quickly interpret the clue, but Team TestingOutOurRelationship head to a restaurant that doesn’t open until 10 p.m. We also love the juxtaposition that this antiquated eatery has a QR code outside their door. We wonder if the players could scan it in and see that they are at the wrong place.

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