Survivor: South Pacific

Double Agent

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

November 8, 2011

Not as nice as she looks.

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As the newly merged tribe gets to camp, it's merge feast time. This is the time on Survivor where we pretend that we're all happy to be together and that we're all gonna be nice to each other. After stuffing their bellies and downing some beers, we find Coach and Cochran chatting. Cochran is telling Coach that he feels like this merge is a rebirth for him. Coach nods and says that this is where the game gets real.

A little later, when they are away from everyone else, their conversation continues. As he talks to Coach, he tells them that everyone talks down to him and that Keith is probably the worst of all. He suggests that he might be working with the wrong people. Coach's response is actually, quite amazing, "Here's the thing, I'm gonna tell you right now. Our tribe isn't budging. And I feel like you guys are trying to play us, okay? You guys came up with a story, you sent Ozzy to Redemption, you got an idol in your pocket, knowing Ozzy would win Redemption. It was a risk, but you knew Ozzy would win Redemption."

Advertisement! I've been on the Coach bandwagon this season, but that was pretty impressive. And you could tell from Cochran's face that he knows he's screwed. But Coach goes on. He says that his tribe will vote six strong and if Savaii does the same, they will face a one in five chance of pulling the black rock (well, it's a one in nine chance actually) and that's a bullshit way to play the game. He goes on to say that regardless of how Cochran was really treated at his camp, whether he's lying or not, he knows how people like that feel about people with intellect. He says that he's been picked on his whole life. "I might be the Dragon Slayer now..." (I love that line.) He tells Cochran that he knows how it feels to be superior to people in one way and they try to find ways that you’re inferior to cut you down. He tells Cochran that he has the chance to change the game for himself and then he (and this is fantastic) draws an actual line in the sand and asks Cochran to cross that line and change the game.

The next scene we see is Cochran with Coach, Albert and Sophie. Sophie tells Cochran that everyone knows Ozzy was lying, but she wants to know if he volunteered to go. So Cochran starts talking. he tells them all about Ozzy's dream and how he wanted redemption. He then asks them if they'll look down on him for ditching his old tribe. Albert jumps in and says that it's not being disloyal when you haven't really been part of the old tribe anyway. They treated him so bad, that of course it's not disloyal to flip on them now. Next up, Cochran talks to Brandon. Brandon asks who would be the angriest. Cochran says that Jim has a bad temper but Keith has been the hardest on him from the beginning. All of a sudden, Brandon turns into the Godfather and offers protection from anyone on the other tribe.

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