Survivor: South Pacific

He Has Demons

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

September 26, 2011

Surly only looks out for Surly.

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Jeff starts by asking Brandon if he made a good first impression. He feels like he has, he's worked hard and been nice to everyone. Coach felt his first impression was pretty bad, but he feels like he's fit in a little more now. And then in typical Coach fashion calls out Christine and Stacey as voting for Mikayla. They both jump down his throat saying they never told him anything. Naturally, his statement is based on Brandon's lie. Mikayla is obviously nervous about hearing her name. Now we go back and forth on whom Coach heard about the Mikayla vote from and they argue back and forth about Coach's honesty and loyalty. And out of nowhere, someone named Albert speaks. And he makes sense. He mentions that by NOT saying who told him, Coach is demonstrating his loyalty and honesty. I assume we'll hear from Albert again in a few episodes.

Coach tells Jeff that he's seen Christine looking for the idol quite a bit. She says this must mean that he's afraid of her. Jeff suggests that it could be because she said he was a temporary player. As we argue more about the whole Mikayla vote thing, Brandon finally helps everyone by admitting that he told them to vote Mikayla and that he lied to Coach. For the second time this episode, Coach's mouth drops. He is visibly blown away to learn that Brandon is already lying to him. Albert gets a second chance to speak and he mentions that it's interesting to see personalities coming out and that eventually, the real person will come out in everyone. For the first time in a long time, I still have no idea who's going home.


Jeff's gonna tally those votes for us. He asks for a hidden idol and no one has it. So let's get to it. First vote: Sophie (huh?) Then Edna (huh again?) Then Christine and Stacey. Fifth and sixth vote are Christine and Stacey. Seventh and Eighth vote are Christine and Stacey. How about that, Coach's split the vote plan actually did work. And the final vote goes to Christine and she becomes the second person sent to Redemption Island.

I have to hand it to this year's two votes; they booted exactly the same people I would have booted. And they happen to be two of the more annoying people in the cast. I applaud this cast for doing their part to make my viewing of the season more enjoyable.

Next time on Survivor: Ozzy seems to be the focal point for Savaii and Brandon's meltdown looks like it'll only get worse. Awesome, another Hantz that seems to crave the camera. Until next week, take care.

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