Survivor: South Pacific

He Has Demons

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

September 26, 2011

Surly only looks out for Surly.

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While Brandon plots Mikayla's demise, Christine is back at camp trying to find the hidden idol clue. As the others talk about the idol, they all acknowledge that she's looking hard core. After a while, she stumbles onto Stacey's tree, only she finds the idol clue. The clue says it's near the jungle by the beach and that it's just barely out of reach. Naturally, she decides to keep that clue to herself in hopes that she'll find the idol.

Probst sighting! As Upolu arrives at the challenge, they're all eating the same fruit to send a message to the other tribe that they, um, eat fruit together and stuff. Anyway, today's challenge starts with four people tied to ribbons that have been braided around a huge pole. Those four will need to unravel the ribbons to release a key. They'll use that key to release the rest of the tribe and those people will work on a very heavy puzzle. Aside from immunity, the tribes are playing for some comforts, including pillows, blankets, bedding and blankets. Oh yeah, and a useless immunity idol clue. Upolu sits out Edna for this challenge. Savaii puts Cochran, Dawn, Whitney and Elise on the pole. Upolu has Stacey, Christine, Sophie and Mikayla on the pole. I can't imagine what the thought of Mikaya on the pole is doing to Brandon. As the challenge begins, the Upolu women have it going on, while Savaii is having a hard time with it. Very quickly, Upolu has their key and they've released the men to work on the puzzle. Several minutes later, Savaii finally releases their puzzle movers. While we can't really tell who's running the show on either tribe, what we can tell is that Savaii has not only closed the gap, but surpassed Upolu on the puzzle portion of the challenge. And after a few more seconds, Savaii completes their puzzle and they win immunity and reward. As they head back to camp, Brandon assures us that he will get rid of Mikayla.


We come back to Upolu as Coach compliments the women on completely rocking in the challenge. Christine tells us that the guys were not moving with enough urgency. We join Coach and crew in strategy sessions. He's afraid of the idol so he wants to split the vote between Christine and Stacey. He hasn't forgotten the "temporary players" thing from the first day. Brandon then tells Coach that Mikayla has to go because he's a married man. Coach tells us that Mikayla is by far their strongest female player and getting rid of her is not smart. Coach tells us that he thinks Brandon has some demons that he's dealing with. Uh...ya think?!?

Coach rallies the troops to say that he feels that Mikayla has to stay because the next challenge is all that matters. As Mikayla walks up, Coach asks her to give them some privacy. Mikayla is blown away that she might be a target. Christine corners Edna to find out what they were all talking about. As Edna fumbles her way through answering that question, Christine is thinking Edna may be the vote. Brandon then goes to Christine and Stacey and tells them to vote Mikayla. No one understands why he wants Mikayla gone so badly. Coach feels very strongly that Christine should be the one to go. Brandon tells Coach that Christine and Stacey are planning to vote for Mikayla. He feels bad for lying to Coach, but he wants Mikayla gone that bad. As we head to Tribal, Coach seems to think his "splitting the vote" plan is still in effect, but honestly, I have NO idea what's going on.

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