Survivor: Redemption Island

Episode 11 - Power Rankings

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 27, 2011

Yeah, we'll totally watch his History Channel show.

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Hello, good people, and welcome to Survivor: Redemption Island's Week 11 Power Rankings. We're going to try something a little different this week and publish the Power Rankings separate from the Recap. We figure it'll give you something to chew on while waiting for the Recap on Friday.

When last we met, I proclaimed Julie as the safest of the Zapateras. She was promptly voted out of the game. Yay, me! I did, however, have David as the player leaving last week, so I did get SOMEthing right.

Previews for tonight suggest Matt's resolve could be weakening and we have a mystery package twist. Could more than one person be headed to Redemption Island again? We'll have to check that out tonight. Until then, though, how about a quick dose of Survivor: Redemption Island Power Rankings?

Rob - 3-1. I'm leaving Rob here, but I'm a little more shaky about it tonight. If he can hold his alliance together after Phillip's obnoxiousness last week, you'd think he can withstand anything. But the longer we go, the bigger his target becomes. If he didn't have an idol, he may not be #1 this week. But he does, so that should buy him at least three more days.


Natalie - 5-1. Natalie stays here and probably will, all the way to the end. I think of everyone left, she is the biggest lock for the final three there is. I just don't know that she'll have enough of an end game to finish it out and win the whole thing. I do think that it will be a huge upset for her to not be pleading her case to the jury on May 15th.

Andrea - 10-1. I still think there's some game left in Andrea. She just strikes me as biding her time. She's not upsetting the apple cart...but if you notice, she's not upsetting the Zaps either. If she makes it to the Final Three, she may be the "lesser of three evils" option for the Zapateras.

Ashley - 20-1. With the Ometepes having complete control, this looks like a good place for Ashley. She has made no friends on Zapatera and has irritated Rob by talking to Ralph. If Rob stays in the game, she has no shot. But if someone else orchestrates Rob's ouster, Ashley could find her way into the final episode.

Grant - 25-1. I still think Grant's athletic ability and skill in challenges make him a huge threat. I can't really tell where he is with Rob at this point, but he still seems to be following. If he were smart, he'd team up with the girls and remove Rob from this game. Not sure if he's got it in him, though. Either way, I fully expect him to last throughout the Pagonging of Zapatera. After that, it does kind of become anyone's game. Also, if he were to get voted out, he is the kind of guy who could dominate Redemption Island.

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