Survivor: Redemption Island

Rice Wars

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 21, 2011

I'm really good at puzzles. I swear.

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Hello, good people! I hope all of you got Rob's permission before you clicked on this recap. Okay, so last week the Robfather completely owned that role - from separate sleeping quarters, to the Buddy System, to flat out not allowing his tribe to eat with the former Zapateras. The most amazing thing is that it's working, as the Ometepe Six knocked out the two strongest competitors left in the game, Mike and David. They head to Redemption Island for a showdown with RI king, Matt.

This week we're promised a blow up at camp between Steve and Phillip...and Jeff Probst has promised us one of "most explosive Tribal Councils ever." But before we get to that, let's set up this week's Power Rankings.

Rob - 3-1. Last week was up in the air for Rob. A lot of things could have happened to jeopardize his place in the game. None of those things came to fruition, so Rob remains on top. Last week he sent Zapatera's best two players to try to unseat his nemesis at Redemption Island. Will his plan pay off for him? Or will he eventually have to face Matt? Either way, I don't think he'll have to worry until the finals.

Natalie - 5-1. Natalie leapfrogged everyone last week with her report back to Rob of Ashley's treachery (she spoke to Ralph, remember). At this point, Natalie is Rob's right hand girl and will gladly sit next to him at the end. In fact, I won't be shocked to see her steal the title from him a la Natalie White in Samoa.


Andrea - 10-1. I think Andrea is still in a good position in this game. She is with the alliance, but has kept her options open. Of all of the Ometepe Six, I think she is the only one not blindly following Rob. She's following, but I think her eyes are wide open and IF Rob goes down with a knife in his back, Andrea's prints will be on the handle.

Phillip - 15-1. At this point, Phillip is almost a lock to make the finale. He has annoyed everyone on the island and that makes him a pretty attractive option to sit next to at the end. He showed some signs last week that all of his "crazy" may not be legit and could potentially be an act. Either way, Phil has shown that he can roll with the tide pretty well and he may just piggy back Rob all the way to the end.

Ashley - 20-1. I really don't care for Ashley, but I think she has overtaken Grant in the pecking order now. Despite talking to Ralph, she is WAY less of a threat than Grant and Grant did eat some fish last week. With the Ometepes firmly in control, I fully expect Ashley to be in that final six, but she's not long for the game after that, unless she finds a couple people to join her in a revolt.

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