Survivor: Redemption Island

Rice Wars

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 21, 2011

I'm really good at puzzles. I swear.

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Phillip decides to ask Steve again and Steve refuses again, saying that he has to talk to Ralph, who is...yeah, we don't know where Ralph is. He's just gone. Anyway, this really irritates Phillip and he starts going on about how everything is for the whole tribe now and he can't believe Steve won't let them combine the rice. What ensues is...I'm not even sure how to describe it. Phillip completely goes off the deep end, telling Steve that whereever he goes, he'd better carry the container of rice with him, otherwise Phil will combine the rice and take the container, forcing them to have to ask him for every meal.

Right off the top, I'll say that I don't like Steve. Haven't liked him since the beginning. He's playing a terribly stupid game and he has a way of talking to people that makes you want to punch him in the face. He's been a horrible leader for this tribe and he seems to have the personality of a wet mop. That being said, he handles this next exchange about as well as someone could, given the circumstance. After listening to Phillip tell him how it's going to be, he throws a seemingly off-hand comment out there about Phil being a lunatic. And who hasn't said THAT during the 11 weeks of this show?

For some reason, this time around, it pisses Phillip off. He goes off on a ridiculous tirade about how any time a black man gets in a white man's face, the white man calls him crazy. He tells us that he feels that Steve thinks he's better than him and that it has racial undertones. Steve is blown away that it became a racial issue. And as Phillip keeps going on about it, he only gets more and more ridiculous. Like I said, I don't care for Steve and I think he is 100% being a tool about the rice simply because he can. He's pissed off at his situation and this is way of getting the Ometepes back just a little bit for the position he's in. But I don't, for one second, think this has anything to do with Phillip being black. It's about the clear division between the tribes and he's staying on his side.


As Phillip goes on, he gets himself more and more pissed off. He says he's tired that every time he makes an argument about something, they call him crazy. He drops a few n-bombs as examples and just goes on and on and on. And as he's raging on, it hits me. Hey Phil, maybe if you stopped acting bat-shit crazy, everyone would stop calling you bat-shit crazy. I'm a Phillip fan, but tonight...I'm actually kind of embarrassed to say so.

Once Phil walks away, Steve tells Rob and Grant that his three will be voting for Phillip. The hope is that someone will join them. Rob is talking to Andrea, saying that you can see that once the Zaps are gone, old Phillip is coming back. Rob is blown away that Phillip was able to make the rice argument about race. Ashley is MORE than ready to see Phillip go home. And there we have it, the beginnings of a crack in the alliance.

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