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Mars More Disastrous to Disney than Battle: Los Angeles

By John Hamann

March 13, 2011

Are we in the Twilight series? No?

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Sixth goes to Hall Pass, the outrageous comedy from Warner Bros. Despite being not great, Hall Pass has saved its dignity by dropping 35% last weekend, and a somewhat deeper 42% this weekend, as the Owen Wilson flick earns $5.1 million in its third frame. The $36 million Farrelly Brothers effort has now pulled in $34.9 million.

Finishing seventh is Beastly, last weekend's Twilight wannabe. In its second frame, Beastly earned $5.1 million, and falls an ugly 48%. The good news for the CBS Films product is that it was cheap to make, costing only $17 million, or $25 million less than Red Riding Hood. There won't be a lot of profit here for CBS, but it won't be a disaster either. Give it $17 million so far.

Just Go With It remains a top ten film this weekend as the Adam Sandler/Jennifer Aniston comedy earned $4 million. Just Go dropped an okay 38% this weekend, despite shedding about 500 venues. This Sandler product has not seen a drop close to 50% in its run, and still stands a strong chance of earning $100 million. So far, Just Go With it has earned $94 million for Sony.


Ninth goes to The King's Speech, which finally seems to be losing its momentum after being nominated for and winning Best Picture at the Academy Awards. The King's Speech added another $3.6 million to its coffers, with a decline of 42% from last weekend, its biggest drop ever. The Weinsteins are forcing a PG-13 rated version into theaters shortly, which probably isn't really going to do that much to keep it hanging around. The total for the royal picture is $129.1 million domestically, and it has earned another $180 million internationally.

Tenth goes to Gnomeo and Juliet, which has really struggled since Rango and Mars Needs Moms showed up. This weekend, Gnomeo earned $3.5 million, and drops hard again, losing 51% of its audience from last weekend. This Disney product still has to be considered a success, as someone turned lawn ornaments into an $89 million winner.

Overall, box office is still way off of last year, but that's becoming such a common sight, it no longer surprises. The top 12 this weekend earned $118.4 million, which is on target with last weekend's $121 million, but we should have had three fairly big films opening this weekend. A year ago, Alice In Wonderland was still dominating, and the top 12 brought in $135.7 million. Will things pick up next weekend? It's doubtful, as openers include The Lincoln Lawyer, featuring both Mathew McConaughey and Ryan Phillippe (in the same movie!), Limitless with Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro, and Paul, the alien comedy with the Shaun of the Dead guys.

Top Weekend Box Office for 3/11/11-3/13/11 (Actuals)
Rank Film Distributor Estimated Gross Actual Gross Weekly Change Running Total
1 Battle: Los Angeles Columbia Pictures (Sony) $36,000,000 $35,573,187 New $35,573,187
2 Rango Paramount $23,050,000 $22,602,847 - 40.6% $68,206,101
3 Red Riding Hood Warner Bros. $14,135,000 $14,005,335 New $14,005,335
4 The Adjustment Bureau Universal Pictures $11,459,175 $11,597,335 - 45.2% $38,589,595
5 Mars Needs Moms Walt Disney Pictures $6,800,000 $6,914,488 New $6,914,488
6 Beastly CBS Films $5,090,000 $5,021,232 - 49.0% $16,911,633
7 Hall Pass Warner Bros. $5,105,000 $5,011,020 - 43.4% $34,842,289
8 Just Go With It Columbia Pictures (Sony) $4,000,000 $4,019,266 - 37.5% $94,000,847
9 Gnomeo and Juliet Touchstone Pictures $3,546,000 $3,617,255 - 50.0% $89,102,365
10 The King's Speech The Weinstein Company $3,625,163 $3,573,112 - 42.6% $129,010,235
11 Unknown The WeinsteinCo. $3,375,000 $3,366,339 - 48.4% $58,410,845
12 I Am Number Four Walt Disney Pictures $2,212,000 $2,260,314 - 60.7% $50,455,723
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Box office data supplied by Exhibitor Relations
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