Survivor: Redemption Island

Keep Hope Alive

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 3, 2011

It is very, very difficult to say Francesca with a dry mouth.

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This leads us to our second Probst sighting of the day. Today's challenge is very familiar. It's the "tie people to a wheel, dunk them under water, spit the water into a funnel, finish a puzzle" challenge. We've seen the exact challenge before and it's pretty nasty. Not only are they playing for immunity, but also reward. They'll win chairs, blankets, a huge tarp and other comforts for around camp. After some discussion and a thumbs up, Zapatera decides to sit Ralph and Sarita. And, oh yeah, they apparently decide to throw the challenge. Julie once again tells us that she's not comfortable with this idea.

As the challenge begins, everything seems on the up and up. But oddly, Steve starts to "tire" as he's spinning the wheel. Naturally, Ometepe is working their ass off and the tribe takes the lead in the challenge. The women of Zapatera are purposely missing the funnel and Ometepe gets their puzzle ball down to Rob quickly to begin the final portion of the challenge. Once Zapatera releases their ball to David, it becomes painfully obvious that David is throwing it. David, the person with the highest IQ of anyone ever on Survivor, moves pieces for about 30 seconds and then just stops even moving pieces. I mean, he didn't even make it LOOK like he was playing. And with that, Rob finishes the puzzle and Ometepe wins immunity and some serious camp comfort. As we go to break, Russell tells us that he's fairly sure they threw the challenge.


We come back from break to the Ometepe tribe enjoying their reward. Rob, however, is more concerned with finding the clue for the hidden idol. He tells us that he figures there's a clue hidden somewhere in the reward. Everyone is searching for it, but it doesn't seem to be there. Rob tells us that he's ignored the idol in the past, but that it didn't work out too well for him, so he's searching like crazy. All of a sudden, he sees Phillip bending up one of the new chairs, looking like it could break. He asks Phillip to get up, because he wants to reinforce it. As Phillip gets up, Rob sees the clue sewn into the lining of the chair. So, he takes the chair and heads toward the tool box claiming that he could use some screws to strengthen the chair. He quickly gets the clue and stuffs it in his pocket. See what I'm saying, Zapatera? Not only have you given him hope, confidence and a huge've now given the best player in the game the hidden idol clue. Karma, baby. Karma.

So, Rob goes off by himself to check the clue. After reading it several times, he comes to the conclusion that, "The clue basically could have read, the hidden immunity idol is...somewhere." He searches a bit, but the clue is so vague that he doesn't really even know where to begin. He is, however, pleased that no one else has it and that no one else saw it. Smart player that he is, he plans on telling NO ONE about the clue.

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