Survivor: Redemption Island

You're Looking at the New Leader of Your Tribe

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

February 17, 2011

No one was *actually* eliminated yet, so...

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We come back from break to Ometepe where the mood is pretty down, of course. Ashley tells us that she feels bad that they let Rob down. No, I'm not kidding. This is the kind of star struck half of this tribe is. To the half that's not star struck, Kristina takes Francesca into confidence by telling her about the hidden immunity idol. She tells Francesca that she wants to have the girls vote for her and she'll play the idol to blindside Rob tonight. Francesca admits that it would be an epic moment, but at the same time, Rob is way strong and that they don't have any numbers, so dumping Rob right off the bat might not be in their best interest as the rest of the tribe will be pissed. Francesca offers up Natalie for the vote. She says she'll vote however Kristina wants, but she would rather do Natalie. Kristina says that they'll go with Natalie for now, but she wants to think about it some more. Now is as good a time as any to point out that Francesca is a player. While the urge to dump Rob like that would have to be strong, she realizes that not only is that a horrible move for their tribe, she realizes it's a horrible move for their alliance. They dump Rob and the other five people will make them pay for it with their votes.

Kristina goes to Rob to see who he's leaning towards and he tells her he doesn't know. Rob was thinking Francesca at first, but having caught Kristina looking for the idol clue, he realizes that this is not someone he wants to have in the game long-term. So he goes to the rest of the tribe and tells then what he saw. He tells them that he thinks they have the idol, meaning Kristina and Francesca. And then he does the unthinkable, he suggests they split the vote. The guys are going to vote for Francesca while the girls will vote for Kristina. "Does everybody understand this? I got so screwed last season because one person didn't understand."


We join Kristina and Philip in another stunner of a conversation where he's discussing "hyper state of arousal". He tells her that he's with her, but he still wants to know who the other votes are. So, she grabs him by the hand and takes him to the idol. "We don't need the votes, we got them right here." She explains to him that their three votes are all they need to get Rob out of there. As they talk, Kristina and Philip make a deal to go all the way...but she's VERY concerned that he won't be able to keep his mouth shut. Philip then tells us that this is the perfect time to get rid of Rob and then he can take over as the leader of the tribe.

Right off the bat, Jeff asks Rob what it was like to first get to the camp. He says that they went straight to work and that Philip kind of took the lead. Matt mentions that having someone call you out on things on the first day didn't really go over too well. And just like that, Rob has taken the focus off of him and put it on Philip. I'm not one who fawns over Rob (like David Mumpower and Kim Hollis), but that was a pretty smooth move right off the bat. Jeff asks Francesca why they would be voting someone off tonight. She says that they need to keep the tribe as strong as possible, so that would suggest a woman would go. He asks Kristina how she feels tonight. She says she doesn't feel safe at all and that she's worried that she'll be the one to go.

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