Survivor: Redemption Island

You're Looking at the New Leader of Your Tribe

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

February 17, 2011

No one was *actually* eliminated yet, so...

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Over at Ometepe, it's no surprise that Rob has taken charge. The tribe is pretty well star struck with Rob right off the bat. If this continues, they can just write the check out to Rob now. If they don't get the stars out of their eyes, he'll devour this group. Philip decides he needs to take some charge. For instance, he's telling everyone what to do and actually comes and takes the shovel from some of the women because they're not digging right. Francesca tells us that he's going about things in a very odd way if he wants to stay in the game. To make things better, though, Philip decides to take the ladies into his confidence by confiding in them that he used to be a...duh duh duh...federal agent - which, of course, means that when he gives his word, it's good. AND on top of all that, he's an expert at analyzing behavior. Oh yeah, and he has a lot of sisters and loves women. Easily one of the weirdest first day conversations ever.

After Philip's pow wow breaks up, Kristina is seen going through all of the supplies they've been given. She tells us she's looking for a clue to a hidden idol. Smart girl. As she's doing this, Rob sees her and makes sure that the coast is clear for her to continue her search, basically letting her know that HE knows what she's doing. Not so smart girl. She never does actually find anything. The next conversation is Rob pointing out to Philip that there are five girls and only four guys so they need to be on the lookout. But have no fear; Philip is great with women, so they're good. As a prime example of how good he is with women, Philip goes straight to Kristina and tells her that he's not playing with Rob and that he's sticking with the girls. Now is a good time to mention that Philip is coming on a smidge too strong and if he's not the first person voted off the Ometepe Tribe, I'll be shocked at this point.


Over at Zapatera, Russell is making his move on Stephanie. As he's talking to her, he's recounting his past seasons and the success he's had, as well as the success that his girl has had. Stephanie is on board with an alliance with Russell for right now. And honestly, why wouldn't she be? I mean, we all know Russell can't win this game. But the girls he has aligned with in his two seasons have finished 1st and second respectively. I actually like Stephanie. She seems very aware of what's going on and what Russell is about and seems very ready to essentially play him the same way Parvati did on Heroes vs. Villains. This will be an interesting pair to watch, if Russell can find a way to stay in the game for a while.

David and Matt are now talking about Russell's MO in this game and how he picks a cute little girl and turns her into the villainess. They have agreed that they can't let this happen. It is getting around fast that Russell has his hooks in Stephanie. And with that, the tribe has already made the decision that Russell has to go as soon as possible.

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