Survivor: Redemption Island

You're Looking at the New Leader of Your Tribe

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

February 17, 2011

No one was *actually* eliminated yet, so...

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On to Day 3 on Ometepe, Kristina is telling us that Rob is dangerous to have on the tribe and that now might be the time to get rid of him. She says the guys are in awe of him and the younger girls see, taken by him as well. So she has decided that it's time to go hunting for hidden idols. So she randomly goes off walking with a shovel. Really? No one notices that? Anyway, she is on the lookout for anything that stands out, or for landmarks that they could put on a map. And, all of a sudden, there it is. The searching has paid off as she takes the idol and moves it to a new hiding place. She tells us that she's not sure what to do with it. She wants to tell someone, but is not sure who to tell. She seems to be targeting Rob with her first vote and doesn't seem scared to use an idol to do it. So we join her rallying Francesca and Philip against Rob. What transpires is the NEW weirdest conversation I've heard on Survivor.

Philip tells Kristina that he's not going to tell her how to play her game. He then goes on to ask, nay, demand to know who else is voting for Rob. He tells her that they only have three and as she tells him to relax, he basically starts interrogating them. Next up he chastises them for talking at the same time. Francesca is not having any of that. After a few minutes of complete nonsense, Philip decides the conversation is over for now. Honestly, it's hard to even was that bizarre. So bizarre that the only thing to cure me right now is a...


Probst sighting!! The first challenge has each tribe pushing blocks along some tracks to make the base of a temple. They'll run up the steps and chop a series of ropes that will release another set of steps. They'll climb those steps and the put together a block puzzle to complete their temple. Winning tribe gets fire (in the form of flint) and immunity, losing tribe gets to send someone to Redemption Island.

And here we go. Zapatera gets off to a quick lead as Ometepe really slows down. By the third block of steps, Zapatera is really pulling away - so much so that they actually get their fourth block set before Ometepe gets their third block set. Ralph takes to the ropes and releases the second set of stairs. They have a huge lead at this point, which is probably good considering how masterful Rob is at puzzle challenges. Finally they get their steps in place and Matt starts working on the ropes. As he releases the second set of stairs, Zapatera is well into their puzzle, but Boston Rob is on the puzzle now. At this point, the lead is gone and you have to think Rob will win it. Russell is now leading Zapatera, so it's Rob vs. Russell, right off the bat. And in a pretty solid upset, Russell guides Zapatera to the win in the first immunity challenge. Considering their lead, this shouldn't even have been close, but given the competition, you have to like getting a win any way you can. As we go to commercial, Russell tells us that he knows how Rob thinks and that he's thinking, "Oh crap, I'm with a bunch of weenies."

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