Survivor: Nicaragua Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 1, 2010

I'm so under the radar people didn't know how under the radar I was.

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Now is the time on Survivor when we play It's Anyone But Jill. Well, Marty's neck is on the line as well, but he does have an immunity idol to save him. What he does not have is forgiveness from Jane. Our favorite character this season sits on the beach and talks about how dismissive the previous elder tribe power duo had been to her. Then, she all but cackles with glee as she describes their current plight, which is best described as them being the virgins at a virgin sacrifice.

Meanwhile, Brenda, Sash and the rest of the people in the power tribe at La Flor plot their next course of action. Even Fabio tries to participate in the strategy session, which is a bit like a two-year-old trying to tell you which Chess piece you should move. Then again, we are starting to suspect that maybe just maybe Fabio is Verbal Kint-ing his compatriots, at least a little bit. Hmmm, maybe Dan is faking his limp as well.

Brenda and Sash settle upon the bold strategy of demanding Marty to relinquish his hidden immunity idol in exchange for a guarantee that he will not go home this vote. To his credit, Marty correctly deduces that they will vote him out at the next Tribal Council and he also refuses to vote for Jill as well. Sash counters that if they lose the next immunity challenge, he gives his word that Marty's idol will be returned to him. We believe this as much as we believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. Sidenote: WTF, Dwayne Johnson?


The gambit does crystallize what the younger tribe has been attempting to do in this episode. It's not enough for them to eliminate Marty and Jill from the competition. They also want to take possession of that immunity idol, just in case the other younger players currently at Espada are not loyal once the two tribes merge. This baffles us that much more, because flushing out the idol at the previous Tribal Council would have led to its replacement on the island. If that was their end goal, it's that much stranger that they voted out an ally rather than Marty. Nonetheless, this a situation where it's better to be lucky than good as their opponent has grown more desperate and willing to negotiate after his near elimination in the prior round of voting.

Marty surprises us by agreeing to cede his idol. As he succinctly states, he'll either be giving it to Probst or to a teammate. He figures this is the best opportunity to curry favor and for the first time during his run on the show, Marty acknowledges that his fate is out of his hands. Do you know why that is, dude? The causality here is when you kept voting off strong members of your own tribe in order to strengthen your leadership position. You employed the Evil Loser Russell tactic and you earned the Evil Loser Russell result of being disliked by others while not controlling your own fate in the game. Maybe you'll get as lucky as he did and stumble your way deep into the game, but we don't believe that will prove to be your fate. You're not vile enough to get carried along like that, just gullible and selfish enough to find yourself in this position.

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