Survivor: Nicaragua Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 1, 2010

I'm so under the radar people didn't know how under the radar I was.

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Back at La Flor, Jane is trying to do a lot of work around camp to keep her new youthful friends happy, but the vibe we get from her is that she'd be working this hard anyway. The more noteworthy aspect of her travails is that Sash is showing signs of letting his current tribe status go to his head. We see this all the time, and while Sash has done nothing to alienate us thus far, he also hasn't done anything impressively noteworthy. There's a difference between being good at Survivor and being on the opposite side of the old people this season.

Over at Espada, they're milking cows by hand. Dan seems happy just to be able to sit down for a moment, while NaOnka gamely gives it a go despite being a bit squeamish over the whole thing. Honestly, ever since she's been separated from Kelly S., NaOnka has been significantly less vile. She's still mildly unpleasant, but her demeanor has improved and her tribemates seem to like her. We're sure her wagging finger will come back out at some point, though.

Meanwhile, Jane has caught a pretty good-sized fish, and decides that she wants to eat the whole thing all by herself. She goes off into the woods and starts her own fire (once again), cooking the fish even as she wonders if she'll get busted by the rest of La Flor. If Jane had been on Oceanic Flight 815, first of all, it would never have crashed. Her force of will would have kept it from separating. Had she chosen to allow the plane to crash, she would have built a ham radio and gotten them off the island before Kate even had time to stitch Jack.


Remember what we were saying about NaOnka? Yeah, we spoke too soon. Na takes an opportunity to slam Alina for getting emotional about having a good meal and missing home. In a confessional, she accuses Alina of putting on a show to curry sympathy from others. We take it as an admission that this is what NaOnka was doing earlier in the game when she was crying about wanting to go home.

It's time for the Immunity Challenge, which has two people from each tribe standing at the top of a platform with a bunch of balls (huh huh). Their teammates will guide a chute so that the "cannonball throwers" can aim their balls at a series of tiles. First tribe to break all five tiles wins. It's a pretty simple situation, really. Espada works really well together, with Benry and Alina discussing their moves before they make them and collaborating well with their teammates. Over at La Flor, however, there are two people guiding the chute (Marty and Jill) who thoroughly dislike at least one of the people throwing the balls (Brenda). They can't agree on anything, and as a result, it's pretty easy for Espada to dominate the challenge, proving that communication and collaboration will win out.

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