Survivor: Nicaragua Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 1, 2010

I'm so under the radar people didn't know how under the radar I was.

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He might continue his crazy streak for another several days, too. Chase, Holly and NaOnka all discuss the next potential evictee, which they plan to be Alina. NaOnka notes that Alina is a strong, savvy player who poses a significant threat if she can make it to the merge. Meanwhile, Dan is a crappy competitor and the ideal candidate to take to a merge situation. We suppose we're getting to the point where it's acceptable to start having these discussions.

Meanwhile, the other camp is having a heated discussion as Marty and Jill state that they would have been all too happy to vote off Kelly B. if they had been informed of the plan. When Sash is pressed as to why four votes were place against Marty, he stammers and stutters, trying but failing to answer. As he is prone to do, Marty takes this opportunity to pull the camera man aside and explain how this is all part of his plan. He is apparently a genius for not playing the immunity and thereby surviving a run-off vote. This is akin to a Tokyo scientist claiming credit for only being partially crushed by a stampeding Godzilla. Congratulations? Marty is also surprised that Jane turned against him, indicating that she had never given him any sign that they weren't allies. We're guessing it was probably when she said, "I don't like Marty and Jill." We could be wrong.

The next day, Marty confronts Jane and indicates that he's fairly sure he voted for him the previous night. She just laughs, and laughs, and laughs. We like Jane. This is the extent of the conversation. It clearly irks Marty the rest of the day. He recounts the discussion to Jill, who is nonchalant and doesn't seem that surprised. We think that when Jane said, "I don't like Marty and Jill," Jill might have put two and two together.


Hooray! An early Probst sighting! Today's reward challenge has two "goalkeepers" standing guard over a net while perched on a square of wood in the middle of the water. Members of the opposite tribes will try to toss balls into the goal, with the first tribe to five points winning the challenge. Chase stands guard for Espada, while Fabio takes the goalkeeping duties for La Flor. There are some good plays on both sides (NaOnka exhibits particularly impressive form), but there are some embarrassments as well. Chase scoffs at Marty when his throw misses, and Dan can't even jump off the platform to make the toss (this causes some murmuring amongst his tribemates, including NaOnka, who asks, "He can't jump, either?). Chase even gets a ball thrown directly into his...sensitive spot. Ultimately, some solid play from the likes of NaOnka, Benry and Purple Kelly wins Espada the reward, which will take them to a Nicaraguan village where they will get breakfast and go horseback riding.

Perhaps most surprising of all is the fact that Purple Kelly actually gets to talk after the challenge, though she doesn't really say anything important. We think these are the first words she has spoken this season. This either means that she is getting voted off tonight or she is making the final vote.

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