Survivor: Nicaragua Recap

Turf Wars

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpwer

October 13, 2010

I love rules.

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Thankfully, we have another Probst sighting! Tonight’s Immunity Challenge is a Rube Goldberg machine. Three Survivors will be strapped to a wheel where they take in a mouthful of water as they are spun by three of their tribemates. They have to spit their water into a bucket, and the water then flows down to release a ball. Once the ball is released, the remaining teammates will toss their balls in a game of “toss across” to break a set of tiles. Although Espada’s “slow down the wheel” strategy works to get them to the tile toss first, some good tossing from La Flor gets them ahead. Finally, they are neck and neck, and a toss from Fabio allows La Flor to take home the immunity prize. Marty is safe this week, and can dig himself a deeper hole.

After their loss, NaOnka says she knew going into the challenge that they would lose, and she’s done with the game. Again, we find this very hard to believe. We don’t think it’s time to play “It’s Anyone But NaOnka” just yet.

Before they go to Tribal Council, a bunch of Espada members decide they want to eat some chicken, and Tyrone voices disagreement. He thinks they should save the chickens for their egg production and more desperate days, but the other tribe members say that the question should be put to vote. Tyrone is the lone dissenter, and Espada dines on chicken. Holly in particular seems to have some insecurities regarding Tyrone, and has perhaps been intimidated by him up to now, but feels like she has new life now that she has some theoretical young allies “with” her. If this is an indication of the way the Tribal Council will vote, Tyrone is in some trouble.

For what it’s worth, though, NaOnka mopes in the background and has nothing to do with this discussion at all.


She may continue to be safe in her position in the tribe, though, because Holly and Benry notice that even though Tyrone was against killing the chicken, he eats more of it than anyone else. He does not have many fans at Espada, and clearly could use a class in banana etiquette. If NaOnka does not bow out herself, Tyrone seems to be in real trouble.

It’s also noteworthy that neither Dan nor Holly seem to be up for consideration at all.

“We should just be happy that we have Holly,” Later on, remember that you said this, Alina.

Tribal Council is extremely uneventful. Tyrone is very agitated, and while we were led to think that NaOnka might choose to take herself out of the game, Tyrone is clearly convinced he’s in danger of going home if not done. This season, we’ve seen several votes that did nothing to strengthen the tribe. Sending home one of the strongest players in the game as well as someone who is able to get them organized seems inconceivable. The curse of Jimmy Johnson strikes again and Tyrone is voted out. People are just not thinking about their tribal immunity at all; however, since the preview seems to show that individual immunity may be at stake next time, maybe they’re wrong and we’re right. Show us the way, Marty, because we clearly don’t get it.

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