Survivor: Nicaragua Recap

Turf Wars

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpwer

October 13, 2010

I love rules.

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The previews have promised us that the tribes are going to be realigned, and this is probably really bad news for Holly, not to mention Dan and Jane. Marty, on the other hand, is probably going to get new life, as his current tribe is probably only a vote or two away from realizing he’s to blame for many of their woes.

Another interesting prospect of tribal realignment is that if NaOnka continues her horrible, bullying, evil ways, she could be eliminated, too – though she could throw a wrench into things by playing her hidden idol. If everyone voted for her and she played the idol, the person NaOnka voted for would be the one eliminated.

But we’re getting way ahead of ourselves.

Marty talks about how his game plan is solid and he can’t see anything messing him up. That sounds about right.

NaOnka talks for a few minutes. We don’t listen.


Probst sighting! And as it was foretold, our dimpled host instructs the Survivors to drop their buffs. It’s time for new tribes. Each contestant draws a rock to determine who will be the two captains, and the “winners” are Brenda and Holly. Probst tells Brenda that she must choose three older people to join her tribe, while Holly will select four younger ones to join hers. That means that the new tribal alignments are:

La Flor – Brenda, Kelly B. Kelly S., Marty, Jud (Fabio), Jill, Sash and Jane

Espada – Yve, Benry, Dan, Holly, Chase, NaOnka, Tyone and Alina

What we’ve learned here is that Yve thought she and Marty had an alliance – they are exchanging looks the whole time. Along with the two of them, the voting patterns show that they were also aligned with Dan, Tyrone and Jill. On the other side, NaOnka now may be forced to work with Alina, whom she hates, as well as relying on her alliance with Benry and Chase, which wasn’t necessarily that solid to begin with (it was all based on Brenda).

On the other side, Marty still has Jill, but had alienated Jane with the last Tribal Council vote. Brenda is solid with Purple Kelly and Sash, and we think Jud aka Fabio is probably with them even though he wasn’t a member of their alliance previously.

This week, we actually have a Reward Challenge that is separate from the Immunity Challenge. Reward is for some chickens, and the game is basically Plinko. Survivors from each tribe will drop balls down a pegged maze, and contestants who stand at the bottom have to catch those balls or risk their opponents scoring a point. First team to three points wins.

During this challenge, there are a couple of legitimate bad hops causing people to miss their balls, along with some chokes by Marty (who drops two that he shouldn’t have), Tyrone and Alina. In the end, Espada wins only its second challenge of the season, and we’re sure this is part of Marty’s master plan.

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