Survivor: Nicaragua Recap

Turf Wars

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpwer

October 13, 2010

I love rules.

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Espada arrives back at camp with their chickens – and Tyrone’s rules. Seriously, he tells them where to put the machete, when to take the machete, how to announce they’re taking the machete, and not to use the machete to chop the chickens. The younger tribe members roll their eyes. Amusingly, this is the first subject Alina and NaOnka have ever agreed on.

Holly has a different strategy for alienating 20-somethings. She keeps telling them how much they remind them of her children. Let’s be honest, folks. If Holly is talking to you at a party, you are intently reading whatever label is right in front of you, or maybe even begging for the fire alarm to go off (even if it’s a party at your house). Based on a couple of awkward conversations, Holly is ready to swear allegiance to NaOnka and Alina, and also to give them her power of attorney. We’re pretty sure she was the first person to ever fall for the Nigerian prince scam.

NaOnka talks about how her relationship has evolved now that she and Alina are forced together with the only other young members being Chase and Benry. Basically, it boils down to, “I like Alina a lot better now that she’s not hanging out with that horrible one-legged girl.” We wonder how she’ll feel about Dan’s knee. Yes, he has two legs, but one of them works poorly. When does NaOnka draw the line on when to shove someone down because they can’t defend themselves? Maybe his enormous arms will give her pause.

Over at La Flor, aka the “please vote Marty out” camp, Jud is happy that the younger tribe has numbers, but his smile fades when Marty starts talking about all the rules they should have at camp. You’d think that since the older tribe had so much structure, they would have done a lot better at the challenges.


Oh, right. Marty’s plan.

Jane tells the 20-somethings to beware of Marty and Jill because they are schemers, and a moment later, Marty is telling the entire group that he has an Immunity Idol. He totally wants them to know because it proves NaOnka was dishonest and backstabbing over on the other side. Obviously, this a power play on his part, but we can see the wheels turning for Brenda and Sash, who are probably smart enough to engineer a way to make him play it to their benefit.

In fact, if we go back to the first episode, one of the first things we saw on the show was Brenda making comments about Marty’s arrogance. He either reminds her of boyfriend, a father or a boss, and his behavior reinforces all of her first impressions.

Back over at Espada, NaOnka is losing it (more so), and Alina is relishing in her tears. It is pouring down rain and freezing cold, and she doesn’t feel like she has the fortitude to carry through the oppressive conditions. “It’s so hard. I just want to go home,” she says. It’s odd for a person who is in the “controlling” group to give up (and even though they’re split, Na’s alliance still has the numbers). Surely she won’t do this.

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