Survivor: Nicaragua Recap

Glitter in Their Eyes

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 4, 2010

Jimmy T, is that you? Get off the line!

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Eventually, Tyrone gets the score to 7 versus La Flor’s 9, and Jimmy T. finally gets to come in and take it to 9-8. However, Benry throws the killshot to end the game, giving the younger tribe the win. There are a lot of frustrated looks over at Espada.

The end of this segment and the start of the next one are difficult to watch. When Kelly B. and NaOnka go to pick up the fruit basket they won, Kelly notices that there is a piece of paper hidden in the basket – another Immunity Idol clue. She slyly tries to get NaOnka to put down the basket to verify what she sees, but it backfires. There might as well be a giant sign pointing at the clue as far as NaOnka is concerned. They carry the basket back to camp together, and then, well, there’s no way to say it other than “it’s on.”

In the world of Surivor, it is absolutely true that you should do whatever you can within reason to get your hands on a hidden Immunity Idol – or a clue that leads you to it. This particularly holds true if the other person who knows about it is in a different alliance than you are. However, NaOnka takes it too far.

She literally pushes a crippled person down to the ground, taking advantage of her disability. Once Kelly B. Loses balance, NaOnka is able to gain enough leverage to grab the clue.

“Sorry about smushing your bananas,” says NaOnka to the tribe.


Jud says, “There was a note?” and “She smushed all the bananas?” He doesn’t understand why there would be a fight, much less why food would have to be destroyed in the process. Essentially, the reason is that NaOnka hates Kelly B. for her disability. We hate to say it, but it’s true. We noticed it in the very first episode, and it hasn’t gotten any better.

“Don’t think I’m going to be nice to you because you have one leg,” says NaOnka. She doesn’t need to worry about that.

“My name is NaOnka, not fool,” she notes. We don’t know about that.

NaOnka approaches Brenda and offers to share the clue with her. This is strategic, because she specifically wants to pick the person who is calling the shots in her alliance. Instead, she probably should have picked someone who could have figured out the clue – although we’re not entirely sure who in her group that would be.

When Espada returns to camp, you see the emerging dynamics of the tribe. They’re all looking at Jimmy Johnson as a legendary coach – who failed them. Jimmy T. is mad because he didn’t get to go in soon enough and feels is talents are being wasted in the challenges…even though he wasn’t supposed to throw. Conversely, Tyrone is mad that everyone is acting like they should get to play and points out that it’s about winning the game rather than getting a participation award. He denies it, but the vibe he gives is that he’s mad about being taken out. So, Jimmy Johnson gets blamed for both sides of it, and presumably remembers why he was so happy on the day he announced his retirement from coaching.

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