Survivor: Nicaragua Recap

Glitter in Their Eyes

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 4, 2010

Jimmy T, is that you? Get off the line!

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For her part, Jill starts chipping away at the crazy by telling Marty that he ought to reveal the hidden Immunity Idol to the entire tribe. She seems to be deciding how easy it is to manipulate him. If he really wants to be the domination, he won’t fall for this.

It’s time for the goofy Fabio music. “My whole strategy, bro, is to be out in the open and kinda make people laugh and be all crazy. But it goes deeper than just ‘Ha ha, let’s keep him because he’s funny,’ it’s like [cue even goofier music]… hermit crab on my foot!”

Back over at Espada, Jill’s cunning plan has worked. Marty reveals the idol to the entire group. Jimmy T. speaks up and talks about how much of a stand up guy Marty is, but Tyrone thinks Marty is shady and has ulterior motives.

We next see Dan psyching himself up. He admits to being tired, but claims to be as strong as any of the women, even if there might be tougher men on the tribe. While he’s having this self-talk, we can’t help but look at his gruesome knee in all of its high definition glory. He has obviously had at least one major surgery if not more, and it is approximately three times the size of his other knee (which also has a sizable scar). Yve correctly points out that he is a vulnerability for Espada in challenges – unless he’s sandbagging.


The dominant group at La Flor – Sash, Purple Kelly, Chase, Brenda, Benry and NaOnka – is discussing the biggest threat amongst the other three tribe members (Alina, Kelly B. and Fabio). For NaOnka’s part, she doesn’t view Benry as part of “her group,” but for all we know, the other five don’t consider her part of theirs. Really, you only need five out of nine to make the alliance work, and if she continues being vile, she might get eliminated purely because she is horrible to be around.

Probst sighting! Once again, we’re combining Reward and Immunity. Reward is some fruit and some spices, and the younger tribe is given the option to use the Medallion of Power. If they do, the will start with a two barrel lead in the contest, which has each team tossing beanbags on top of ten aforementioned barrels. Before they can do that, they have to retrieve the barrels from a field. The younger tribe figures they can win without the extra advantage, and Jeff leaves both sides to strategize.

Jimmy Johnson acts very coach-y, asking his teammates about their strengths. People are assigned tasks that are best suited to them. The tribes are pretty even after barrel retrieval, though Benry takes the La Flor tribe to a slight early lead. Tyrone quickly gets Espada back in the game, and puts them solidly ahead by a score of 6-3. At this point, Tyrone goes into a slump for the ages, allowing Benry to get the younger tribe back even. Jimmy T. bitches the whole time, and begs Jimmy Johnson to “put him in.” He seems to be blaming the coach for their troubles, though it’s pretty clear that Tyrone isn’t willing to exit the game, either.

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