Survivor: Nicaragua Recap

Young At Heart

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

September 19, 2010

Trust is important. You know it.

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After the Espada team finds the clue about the Immunity Challenge, Jimmy Johnson sits with them and tells them that the only reason he’s on Survivor is for the adventure of it. He realizes he can’t win the game, but he can certainly help one of his teammates get there.

“I just got a pep talk from Jimmy Johnson,” Tyrone says.

Team La Flor shows up with the challenge and all of the girls plus Fabio are doing a coordinated tribal dance as they arrive on the “stage”. We’re starting to agree with Shannon.

Our beloved Probst tells the older tribe that they have the option to use their Medallion of Power for an advantage in this immunity challenge, which has them pouring water down some gutters and into a bucket. Once the bucket is full, a bag of puzzles will drop (ho hum). If they opt to use the medallion, they will start the challenge with a one-bucket advantage.

Espada decides not to use the medallion, seemingly on the advice of Jimmy Johnson, and the race is on. Marty is immediately drenched after Holly fills her bucket to the brim and basically pours it on his head. The tribes are neck and neck after the first portion of the challenge, which is performed by all of the men plus one woman (Holly for Espada and NiOnka for La Flor).


When it comes to the puzzle, though, Espada gets hung up. The young women of La Flor simply whip them in putting the puzzle together, because even though they have a piece that is out of place toward the end, their competitors are nowhere near solving it. La Flor wins the first Immunity Challenge, and the elder tribe must send someone home.

Before Tribal Council, Jimmy T. angrily rants about Jimmy Johnson, and says that he plans to vote out the coach. Marty’s face reveals that this is a pretty crazy rant. Meanwhile, Jimmy Johnson takes swim coach Holly for a walk on the beach and tells her they should vote out the weakest person. They have only two choices – himself (Jimmy Johnson) and Wendy. What Jimmy Johnson means is that there is really only one choice tonight. Holly, who made the foolish instant alliance with Wendy, has stars in her eyes for the coach, and goes off to consult with her fellow teammates.

Wendy is worried about her chances at Tribal Council, because she has shut herself off from the tribe somewhat.

Finally, Marty comments that a lot of people are saying that Jimmy Johnson wouldn’t be able to win the million dollars in the final vote. The tech executive isn’t buying it, though. He believes if the coach is shrewd enough to make it that far, that people who are blinded by his star power would be perfectly willing to reward him the grand prize.

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