Survivor: Nicaragua Recap

Young At Heart

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

September 19, 2010

Trust is important. You know it.

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The older tribe is dubbed Espada, while the younger folks will be known as La Flor. Next up, Probst announced that it’s time to make a decision about the Medallion of Power, which is about as big as Brenda herself. Her tribe can either hold onto the medallion for later, when they might be able to use it for an advantage later in the game, or they can be given flint and fishing equipment to get them off to a great start.

Initially, La Flor seems to want to hold onto the medallion, and Jimmy Johnson points out that he hopes this is the case. He’d like for Espada to have fire, which is so important early on. In the end, a very pretty young man named Jud makes the argument that La Flor will really need the fishing equipment, and it seems to hold water with the rest of the group. They hand the medallion over to Tribe Retirement Home (we make fun, but we would be on this tribe if we were in the game).

Jimmy Johnson notes that he will need to win each of his tribemates over, and he’s absolutely right. Basically, the moment they arrive on the island, Holly runs up to Wendy and claims to be a great judge of character, offering an instant alliance. Wendy, a goat rancher (this is nothing so good as a sheep farmer) readily agrees. She’s thrilled someone likes her, because her brother has said she is naïve, and her husband thinks she will be the first person voted off because she talks too much. Because of these comments, Wendy’s strategy will be to not open herself up too much and to be fairly quiet. When Marty asks her about her life on the ranch, she gives a one-word answer and runs away. “Weird chick,” says Marty.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, Jane announces that she is going to build fire. She comments that people might think she’s a hillbilly from the sticks, but she can do whatever she sets her mind out to do. She’s competing to pay off her farm, and is hoping the spirit of her recently deceased husband is watching over her. Well, he would be proud, because she steps up, borrows someone’s glasses, and gets a fire going with no trouble at all. Her fellow Espada tribemates celebrate, and Jane shows that she’s of great value to her team almost instantly.

We shift over to La Flor, where we see a lot of confidence from the younger tribe, but they also have an interesting character on the team in Jud, who is quickly nicknamed “Fabio” for his looks. Within moments, he has gotten a large splinter in his foot and breaks a nail completely off his finger. Shannon says he’s never said this about a guy before, but Fabio is a dumb blond. He walks off with Chase, and they are both stripped down to their underwear, causing their junk to be blurred.

Shannon thinks that he and Chase will easily be the dominant performers in challenges, and because they are the alpha males, they will have targets on their backs. “I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a girl to win.” Welcome to the Survivor He-Man Woman Hater Club. And boy, does Shannon ever hate women. Other misogynists have asked us not to compare them to him.

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