Top Chef Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

July 15, 2010

Why did it have to be turnips?

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Previously, on Top Chef, Lynne and Arnold were told to pack their knives and go. We're pretty sure they took a moment during the packing of said knives to stab them into each other's back.

The show begins with love in the Top Chef house. Kenny thinks everyone is somber. What he doesn't realize is that while he's off being sad about the loss of Lynne and Arnold, everyone else is trying to hook up. Angelo continues his creepy tutoring of Tamesha, which we're not sure she realizes has a strongly sexual component. She views him as a role model, presumably because Mel Gibson wasn't available. Meanwhile, he states that he is attracted to Tamesha, which she should have gotten from his suggestive comments when they teamed up in the last challenge, not to mention the fact that he's always trying to sit beside her and touch her.

Cut to the bedroom, where Ed is proving that his favorite movie of 2010 is She's Out of My League. He's been hanging out with Tiffany, and thinks that "she's really funny and she's got such a great laugh. She's always smiling and she's very upbeat, and you know, you can tell this girl really cooks from the heart." Isn't that a Bryan Adams song? Anyway, it's clear that he's smitten, while she comments that he's the only person she trusts amongst the group. Ed, the 2005 movie that is more appropriate for you is Just Friends...and no, we don't mean the ending.

When the chefs arrive at the kitchen for the Quickfire, the challenge immediately reveals itself. Live crabs are everywhere. Angelo takes this opportunity to reveal that he's had crabs in the past (we're not making this up, we swear). Seriously, Tamesha, you could do a lot better. What do you think of Ed?


Today's guest judge is Patrick O'Connell, who we totally knew is the chef/owner of The Inn at Little Washington. We can tell you he's a five star, five diamond chef. He is also what Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would look like if he ever smiled. Also, Kevin comments that he cooked for the judge when O'Connell was a contestant in the Bocuse d'or. This give us newfound respect for Kevin, as we learned last season that this event is like the Olympics of cooking.

The Quickfire asks the chefs to cook up some Maryland Blue Crabs, which brings about a bunch of carnage as we watch people murdering some (mostly) helpless sea creatures. Timothy is from Maryland, and is a machine when it comes to cleaning the crabs. He says he is just going to present them with very little embellishment, to emphasize their magnificent flavor. He specifically comments that one competitors (Ed) is doing an Asian influenced dish, and Timothy can't can't get behind that.

Patrick says that his favorite dishes are Andrea's crab salad, due to the weight of the potatoes overwhelming the delicacy of the crab. He also picks out Amanda's dish for being out of balance, and says that Kevin's plate indicated some confusion. Kevin is despondent at this, not only because he has cooked for Patrick, but also because he has been on the bottom of the heap four times now and he is starting to question his worthiness as a competitor.

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