Top Chef Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

July 15, 2010

Why did it have to be turnips?

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Angelo is making duck, and he tells us that he basically "made love to it". Ew. We can't decide if this comment is worse, or the one about the crabs. Also, we've never heard such unappetizing comments in a cooking show.

In a moment, there is bad news for Kevin, when Tamesha accidentally knocks his cauliflower onto the ground. (It's also possible the wind blew it over.) Angelo wants to scoop it up from the ground and serve it, but Kevin realizes that's an instant trip home. (Sidenote: we resolve never to eat at Angelo's restaurant, which we think may be called "Five Second Rule".) Instead, Kevin adapts and grabs some zucchini squash and some broccoli. Although he's never made such a dish with broccoli, he's determined to go big or go home.

Because she has extra time, Kelly decides she'll take a few moments to make a dessert. Given what we know about past contestants who have done this (we miss you, Tre), this is a very risky move to make and takes a lot of guts. Clearly, Kelly is feeling very confident. She makes a strawberry rhubarb crisp so that the meal has a sweet finish to it.

There's a quick clip from house during the commercial break wherein Timothy refers to Kenny as Isaac Hayes, the Shaft of the chefs. The girls all take a moment to drool over him as he wears a fluffy gold robe. The man really does make the clothes, not vice versa.


The diners arrive for the meal, and they begin with Amanda's country vegetable minestrone smoked tomato broth. Patrick says the rusticity is shocking, while Eric Ripert dislikes the carrots (too hard) and Tom Colicchio comments that the veggies are not cooked evenly. The soup is difficult to eat.

Padma says that Stephen's farm salad with balsamic onion, egg, apple, cabernet vinaigrette and garlic dressing left her cold. Patrick criticizes the way the dish was served, saying that the bowl was inappropriate. Tom points out the ugly, bruised lettuce.

On the other hand, they find Kenny's couscous and curry is delicious. Kenny's element is the hot and sour curried eggplant with peppers and carrot tops. Kenny had really wanted to win with this dish since he would like to prove that he can win without creating the main course (like *ahem* Angelo). Kevin makes a broccoli couscous scented with lemon zest. The judges say that the two play off each other very nicely, with Kenny's curry being nice and hot, while Kevin's couscous provides a cooling element. Looks like Kevin's had a nice comeback after being on the bottom quite a bit and also having his original dish knocked to the ground.

Timothy offered up his roasted turnips and asparagus with honey, and the judges say the dish is very nondescript. Patrick says it barely registered with him, and Padma, Tom and Eric agree that it barely made an impression at all. Tiffany's collard greens with swiss chard, turnip and chanterelles in duck broth are undercooked, particularly considering that she is from the Deep South.

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