Top Chef Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

July 15, 2010

Why did it have to be turnips?

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For the best dishes, Patrick loves Ed's Thai inspired meal, which brought out all the natural components of the crab. This makes Timothy frown. Next up, Patrick compliments Kenny's crab three ways (this makes Angelo frown), as well as Angelo's delicate dish, which showed off the crab nicely. The winner of the Quickfire is Ed, which means he has immunity, and also means that Timothy has to eat his earlier words about an Asian crab dish being a bad idea.

The chefs will travel to Ayrshire Farm for the Elimination Challenge. This is Virginia's first certified organic and humane farm, and they will work with all natural ingredients. Padma announces that the entire group will work as a team to create six dishes, family style. Each person will be responsible for some element of the meal, and they will not know what ingredients or equipment they will have to work with until they get to the location.

Back at the house, Kenny and Angelo are each trying to assert their dominance. Both of them have their own ideas about how the plan should proceed. Kenny wants to pull names and a course, but Angelo just does not agree. Kenny wants to be the alpha male, which he sees as a leadership position. Angelo wants a throne, because he sees himself as the very best. Needless to say, all of the other chefs are exhausted by all of this posturing.

Eventually, they decide that they will all work with the same person that they had teamed up with in the previous challenge. Everyone seems fine with this, except Ed, who really wants to take this opportunity to get closer to Tiffany. Also, that Alex dude is weird. On the plus side, Ed has immunity, so it doesn't really matter if Ed acts like a freaky nutjob.


For her part, Tiffany isn't that happy to be back with Timothy, either. She felt as though she carried much of the weight during the last challenge and is worried that Tim will drag her down some. She and Ed take a moment to sort of flirt while they lament their lot.

The chefs arrive at the farm, and have three hours to cook. A lot of compromise is required, because they all have to really work together to decide who will get which ingredients and where the various dishes will be cooked. An interesting dynamic is created wherein they do have to gel as an entire team, yet the competition is truly fierce.

Kenny notes that Kevin's confidence is down, so he's going to take control of today's challenge for them. They decide to work with vegetables, with Kenny making a hot and sour eggplant and Kevin making a cauliflower couscous. Another notable dish is Timothy's, as he is working with a lot of produce. Kelly swaps him some turnips for some beets for her dish, and Tim is not happy about it. The other contestants feel that he is hoarding, and Tiffany says she is happy to be doing her own thing even though they're technically teammates.

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