Weekend Wrap-Up

Toy Story 3 Dominates Box Office; Hex Flops

By John Hamann

June 20, 2010

It's okay, Woody. Their special relationship gives us the heebie jeebies, too.

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Why so big other than that awesome pedigree? 3-D and marketing. Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, and Michael Keaton (yes, Batman plays Ken) were big time media whores for the last two weeks (but in a good way). How hard could it be to promote a film like this, versus something like, say, Jonah Hex?

Reviews, like the last two films, were wonderful, but there's always going to be some silly spoil sports. The first two films went through the RottenTomatoes system with a 100% perfect rating, and not a negative review in the lot. This time, Toy Story 3 has a 99% fresh rating, as two reviewers out there found something to not like. One of the two, Armand White of the New York Press, just likes to go against the grain. He liked Jonah Hex but didn't like Toy Story 3. Go figure. Regardless of the negatives, Toy Story 3 is likely our first entry in the Oscar sweepstakes, as the year has been extremely quiet in regards to good films.

Finishing second is The Karate Kid, last weekend's breakout success, and the film that set the table for Toy Story 3. The Karate Kid held fairly well, despite the major competition coming from the Pixar release. The Jaden Smith/Jackie Chan flick earned another $28.7 million this weekend and was off an okay 48% (considering the big number in top spot). At this point, it doesn't look like this Karate Kid is going to play like a sequel, if it were, we would be seeing a much higher percentage drop this weekend. I expect this one to improve on the drop next weekend, as their is no new kid competition, and Grown Ups is a long shot for a family film. The Karate Kid has already passed the $100 million mark, which it earned on Sunday, its tenth day of release. With a budget of only $40 million, this one will likely being seeing real profit after next weekend, as it has a running total now at $106 million, and could approach the $200 million domestic plateau if a good hold is seen next weekend. Any international money – and there's no reason not to think it won't be huge, given the international setting, is going to be pure gravy for the folks at Sony, after some P&A costs are dealt with.


Third spot goes to The A-Team, and after a drubbing last weekend where expectations were badly missed, The A-Team has an okay second frame. Liam Neeson, Bradley Copper and friends had a second weekend take of $13.8 million, keeping the drop at a not bad 46%. Unfortunately, with the budget around $100 million, something pretty special would have to happen to reach that amount domestically. However, Fox retained some of the worldwide rights to The A-Team, so should be able to salvage something out of this one come DVD time. Currently, The A-Team has a running total of $50 million.

Fourth goes to Get Him To The Greek, the Jonah Hill/Russell Brand comedy from producer Judd Apatow. Greek, in its third weekend, had another decent hold, dropping 38% and earning $6.1 million. The Universal picture has now reached its production budget in terms of domestic gross, as the $40 million picture has earned $47.9 million domestically.

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