The Amazing Race Recap

We Are No Longer in the Bible Belt

By Daron Aldridge

March 9, 2010

To alcohol! The cause of and solution to all of life's problems.

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"We Are No Longer in the Bible Belt." -- Jet and Cord wandering Hamburg's red light district

With Monique and Shawne's ouster last week, I no longer have to avoid using their lame nickname. If this episode's title is accurate, then cowboys Jet and Cord will be far from their comfort zone in the hillsides and ranches of South America. Bring on the unseemly European destinations.

The remaining eight teams are about to swap hemispheres and travel from Argentina to Germany, specifically Hamburg. Jet and Cord were in first place for the second time and leave at just before 11 p.m. for the airport. Once again, those inconsiderate airline people didn't accommodate Phil's Amazing Racers, as the first flight is in 12 hours, so all the teams are set to leave at the same time.

Daybreaks and all the teams are at the airport and we get a glimpse of an unseen alliance/partnership between the cowboys and detectives Michael and Louie. Dating couple Carol and Brandy, who have successfully grated on my nerves, as well as each other's, the last couple legs, acknowledge their butting heads. Despite declaring that the word of the day for them is "respectful," only the most strong and self-aware teams can pull off that type of 180 degree change and they are not that type of team.

The most telling of the airport confessionals is that Dan of Team Dan and Jordan is only on the race because it is little brother Jordan's lifelong dream and Dan hates travel. That is quite the sacrifice for this brother. Some people probably can't imagine one of their siblings doing this, or even giving you so much as a cursory phone call or text message on your birthday...but I may have said too much.

While all the teams are leaving around the same time from Argentina, they have various connections. The cops and cowboys are going through Paris, Carol and Brandy and Dan and Jordan are flying direct and the remaining teams are connecting through Sao Paulo, Brazil (in that order).

The teams must take a train from the airport and the cowboys and cops are on the first train out. Painfully, Dan and Jordan and Brandy and Carol missed that train by about 50 feet or roughly just enough distance for the last plane's teams to catch up to them.


Oddly, Dan and Jordan are happy they can see the other teams because they rationalize that "it's always good to have the other teams in sight." While it may be comforting if you are a middle of the pack team (which these brothers have proven themselves to be), I would prefer to be clearly and securely in front of the others and not chumming around on public transportation with the competition.

Jet and Cord and Michael and Louie reach an Intersection, which requires two teams work together to complete the Roadblock. Even though the producers clearly wanted some tension by pairing up opposing teams, there doesn't appear to be any animosity this season like last with the Globetrotters and the gay brothers. Despite the lack of drama, the Roadblock has the potential for anxiety as they must do a 150 feet bungee jump at Hamburg harbor.

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