The Amazing Race Recap

We Are No Longer in the Bible Belt

By Daron Aldridge

March 9, 2010

To alcohol! The cause of and solution to all of life's problems.

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Michael and Jet board the Metro subway to face the Roadblock. Apparently, marrieds Joe and Heidi bored of Brandy and Carol because they opt to do the intersection with Coach Steve and daughter Allie. As Heidi humbly puts it, "They come from a good family, we come from a good family, it's just good people sticking together." The subtext I am reading here is that Joe and Heidi don't think that Carol and Brandy aren't good people or come from a good family, or at least not as good as a baseball coach and his All American daughter. I have to question out loud (because that's what I do) if Brandy and Carol's sexual orientation is an issue for Joe and Heidi or maybe they are just as annoyed at the girls as the viewers are by now.

Husband Joe and daughter Allie step up for the Roadblock/Intersection and drag along the poor hospitable German named Klaus that volunteered to help them at the train station. Big mistake buddy and the look on your face confirms your regrettable compliance.

Carol and Brandy aren't left all alone because they have bonded with straight brother Dan and gay brother Jordan. Dan's affinity for Brandy is summed up as "the lesbian aunt I never had." I am not sure there is a need to clarify between a straight or gay aunt but that might just be me.

Bosom Buddies Brandy and Dan are heading to the bungee jump with the local guide they recruited. The last teams at the Intersection are Big Brother's Jeff and Jordan and South Carolina's Brent and Caite. Apparently, living in New York for a few months qualified Caite as a subway expert, so Jordan deferred to her expertise and, wouldn't you know it, they get on the wrong train. The pageant girl who infamously lobbied for more maps in school shockingly misread the subway map/train route. I think they were heading to The Iraq and such. This successfully separates them from the rest of the pack but in the least desirable way.

Jet and Michael strap into the bungee gear and Jet "proves to the world that you can bungee jump with a cowboy hat on." I fully expected them to be fishing a black Stetson out of Hamburg harbor but he was right that "a real cowboy's hat doesn't come off." They get their clue and head back to the Intersection sign.


Joe laments that his left knee is tweaked pretty badly and making it hard to race but he insists he won't quit. It looks like the Chilean llama kick had a more lasting effect that making me laugh during repeated viewings. A plummet of 100 plus feet to the ground and being yanked back up by your ankles probably isn't part of the prescribed physical therapy rehab regiment Joe needs. They finish and hobble back to their teammates. Dan talks Brandy through their turn and all is well.

The ‘boys and cops part ways at the Intersection and head to a statue of Kaiser Wilhelm with Michael and Louie jumping in a cab and Jet and Cord taking the subway. Michael and Louie are the first ones at the statue and must choose between the Detour options of Soccer or Sauerkraut. The choice is either to make penalty kicks through targets or devour a healthy serving of sauerkraut before a band finishes playing a polka. The producers could have gone a little more punny and definitely more catchy by calling this Detour "Eats" or "Cleats."

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