Survivor: Samoa

This Game Ain't Over

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 20, 2009

We're happy we didn't have to post a picture of Russell in a bikini.

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Jaison is the first person to speak for the jury, and says that he's going to give his Foa Foa friends a chance to reveal who they really are. He says if they don't tell the truth about their situation, he will. Natalie says that she had been a pharmaceutical rep but is currently unemployed, Russ says that he's been a successful businessman, and Mick notes that he has a medical degree but still owes money on his education. Jaison notes that none of them lied exactly, but also says that none of them is broke. He advises the jury that they should make their decision on other qualifications.

Next up is Shambo. She's decided to be a finger wagger. She is questioning her own judgment in dismantling Galu. She accuses Mick of being feckless. He says he'd have to look that word up before he could respond. She tells him that would be a good idea (for the record, we don't think she knows what it means, either). She accuses Natalie of being a coat-tail rider and while Natalie defends herself, she says there is no way either one of them is getting her vote. Score one for Evil Russell.

Brett's question is a little bit uncomfortable, as he seems to be asking Mick on a date. He tells Mick that they are going on a "bro-date" when this whole thing is over and wonders what it will be like. Mick mumbles some stuff about watching some news and hanging out and talking about sports. Brett doesn't question the other two.

As for Kelly, she seems to have the most kinship with Natalie (they're both pretty!). Kelly says that she herself was self-reliant, but didn't see the same effort from Natalie. Clearly we have another Survivor who thinks Natalie is a coat-tail rider. She asks Evil Russell if he's a liar, cheater and schemer in real life. Russ says he's completely different in real life. *wink* She finds that hard to believe. She does not question Mick.

Monica claims that she wants to see fight from Mick and Natalie. She asks each of them why the two people sitting beside them should not win. Mick says that Natalie didn't make any moves and relied on other players to carry her through. Mick hits Evil Russell for his bastard gameplay, but Evil Russell then claims that Natalie and Mick both congratulated him every time he made a dick move. Natalie winds up not being questioned.

Dave has a stupid question where he asks them what they think their chances of winning are. Mick says 20-25%, Natalie says 30% and Evil Russell says 50%, though he claims this is down significantly from the beginning of Tribal Council.

Laura asks Evil Russell what he learned about her that helped him to eliminate her. Russ answers some mumbo jumbo about realizing she was one of the strongest players and a huge threat. She doesn't seem particularly mollified by this answer.


John wants the players to give them a "hard sell" about why they should win. Mick claims to have been a stand-up guy and is a worthy champion. Natalie explains her reasons for aligning with Russell and her knowledge of and contribution to a lot of the voting decisions. John claims that her explanation is very illuminating. We think he's kind of loony.

Erik (Derek?) gets to go last. He has no question. Erik tells Mick he did nothing and that no one on Foa Foa had any guts. He tells Evil Russell that they have nothing in common. He is unable to understand why Russell could be there instead of him. As far as Natalie that people may perceive her as weak, but why is this any worse than either of the other two? He rants and raves for a bit and tells Natalie that he has her vote. Did we say we thought John was crazy? Never mind. He's positively sane.

Well, it sounds like each of the contestants have their pluses and minuses for the various jury members. Probst brings the voting basket to the studio and Natalie and Mick look great, while Russell looks nothing but nervous. In fact, he even looks sad. And he's right to do so, because Natalie wins Survivor: Samoa. Yes, Evil Loser Russell has lost to a girl. The "even dumber long-haired blonde," in fact.

The game actually came full circle in the end. Galu dominated Foa Foa, putting themselves in a position where one of them would win the game. Then, one of them (Erik) got arrogant and the game changed, which ended in Foa Foa going to the Final Three. At the last feast, Evil Russell blustered on about how he would win the game, but when he went to Tribal Council completely full of himself, it slipped away from him, too. Perhaps Erik was disgusted by Evil Loser Russell because he saw some of Russ in himself, even if he didn't want to admit it.

Thanks for joining us for Survivor: Samoa. Thank goodness we never have to see Evil Loser Russell again...oh, wait. He'll be back for the Heroes versus Villains season that starts in January. *sigh*

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