Survivor: Samoa

This Game Ain't Over

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 20, 2009

We're happy we didn't have to post a picture of Russell in a bikini.

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We're to the final immunity challenge, which requires the Survivors to balance a statue on a round platform attached to a pole. Every few minutes, they add a section to their pole, and they have to keep their hands below a certain point. This is one of those typical final challenges that favors no one, so we like it better than what they've done the past few contests. Mick is first out of the challenged, followed soon by Natalie. Evil Russell and Brett and in a tough spot, particularly because their poles are quite high. It's also windy. There's a tricky transition to seven feet of pole, but Russell manages to pull it off somehow. Brett then struggles for a moment, but regains his composure. In the end, though, Russell wins his very first Immunity Challenge. He believes it to be a million dollar Immunity Necklace. If it is, this will truly go down as the worst season ever.

Do we even have to play It's Anyone But? Obviously, Brett is Dead Meat tonight. There are a few moments where we see Evil Russell talk about how awesome Brett is - he even hopes his daughters meet a boy like him one day. He discusses potentially doing a vote for Mick with Brett, which might force a fire challenge between the two people who are tied. He's obviously thinking that he'll curry favor by throwing Brett his vote and "being bold". The ridiculous thing about this is he's more likely to win against Mick. Is he over-thinking things or is this just a big, dumb swerve?

Once again, Tribal Council is a snorefest. Evil Russell yammers on about wanting to take the best player (aka Brett) to the final with him, while Natalie and Mick (correctly) point out that such a move would be foolhardy. And Evil Russell is smart enough to realize that they're right. Brett is voted out, and his final words make us want to stab our ears with pencils because he's so freaking dull. Foa Foa has pulled off the almost impossible Mick, Natalie and the loathsome Evil Russell are our Final Three, and will have an opportunity to argue their case before the jury.


Before the final Tribal Council, Evil Russell tries a little psychological warfare where he tells the other two that they cannot possibly beat him. He believes that he has secured five votes, including Shambo, Dave, Brett, John and Erik. We'll compare this to the actual results later. P.S. Who's Erik? P.P.S. Who's Brett?

The Final Tribal Council begins. Mick reminds people that, well...he's Mick and he's actually been there for the past 39 days. Remember when they picked Tribe Captains on the first day? He was one of them! Natalie's strategy is to thank the jury. Russell 3:16 talks about how the game has gone exactly according to his plan. He states that he doesn't think either Natalie or Mick outplayed or outwitted him, and finishes with, "May the best man win." Ah, a he-man woman hater to the very end.

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