The Amazing Race Recap

We're Not Working With Anybody, Ever, Anymore!

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

November 22, 2009

Don't save them. Let them die!

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Previously on the Amazing Race, we all learned the definition of candelabra. Sure, we all knew it already, but we don't want to make recently eliminated contestant Matt or his father Gary feel bad about it. What's important here is that they're gone, leaving only four teams remaining. The other big new development was a rift between Harlem Globetrotters Flight Time & Big Easy and super-annoying brothers Sam & Dan, whose constant bickering, whining and attention seeking has grown unbearable. Their feud is relatively pointless anyway since both teams appear to be playing for second place behind Meghan & Cheyne, who have finished in first or second place in seven out of nine legs thus far, and have yet to finish in the bottom half at any point during the race.

They are first out at midnight on the nose, and are told to fly to Prague in the Czech Republic. There, they must find a man in a vintage Praga automobile in the old town square for their next clue. They're followed by Sam & Dan, 19 minutes later. "Prague? It's a country!" one of them says (we don't know which one is which). The two of them continue to discuss their feud with the Globetrotters, which has been exacerbated (apparently) by one of them accusing Dan of elbowing and pushing him. One minute later, Flight Time & Big Easy are nonchalant. They think everything is fine and that everything is worked out. The Globetrotters also state that they respect the brothers and their gameplay. In case you're wondering, we're rooting for the Globetrotters in this "fight".

Two minutes later we have Brian & Ericka, who consistently have really nice attitudes about each other. No, really. Usually we're sarcastic about those sorts of things, but both this couple and Meghan & Cheyne are exceptionally pleasant and easy to root for.

There are a few moments of fake airport drama before we learn that all of the teams will be on the same flight. Meghan & Cheyne and the Globetrotters are smart enough to look up the Praga on the Internet to see what it is. They are also smart enough not to share this information with the other two teams.


Once all four pairs arrive in Prague, three of the four set out in a taxi for old town, but Brian & Ericka have heard from someone that the shuttle is the fastest way to get to the old town square. That seems...ominous. Meanwhile, the brothers are pondering whether a Praga is a jacket or a robe. Their cab driver can only shake his head, while the viewers are left to wonder if perhaps it's a decorative piece that displays candlesticks.

Meghan & Cheyne see the Praga immediately on arriving in the square, and Sam & Dan are lucky enough to see them seeing it. They get their clue, which directs them to Kayaky Troja, which is an outdoor water center with canoes and kayaks and the like. Flight Time & Big Easy find the car easily, but Brian & Ericka appear to be either lost or stuck in traffic. They hop off the shuttle and opt for a cab instead, and get a tiny bit fighty with each other. They realize they made a bad decision, but there's not much they can do other than race the best they can.

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