The Amazing Race Recap

We're Not Working With Anybody, Ever, Anymore!

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

November 22, 2009

Don't save them. Let them die!

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Over at the opera house, Cheyne is picking up every musical instrument he finds, but none of them are tiny, and half of them are not mandolins. This makes Don Giovanni laugh and say "No!" Meghan keeps yelling out "Cheyne! Cheyne! Cheyne!" Flight Time looks at her and smiles weakly. Now there are two contestants who wish they were deaf!

Sam & Dan arrive at the opera house, and now three people are searching for the tiny, tiny mandolins. Flight Time starts to dance and sing, which is fun for everyone except either Sam or Dan, we don't know which. Cheyne finally finds a baby mandolin, which pleases Don Giovanni greatly.

We're still waiting for Brian & Ericka, who declare they will never work with anyone ever again. They are also sure that Sam & Dan are feeling remorse for their sneakiness. Yeah, right. They finally get to the opera and get to the clue box that asks, "Who can remain calm and composed?" Brian says, "My baby." Ericka replies, "You think??"


Next, we learn that Sam & Dan are even bigger pussies than we thought. They won't make eye contact with Brian & Ericka, and pretend to read their clue (they even admit as much). We hate them.

Today's Pitstop is located at Prague Castle, and Meghan & Cheyne are easily on their way there by taxi. As winners of this leg (they really are the domination), they win a trip to Hawaii. The brothers are having some trouble finding a taxi (karma!), and Big Easy finally finds a mini-mandolin. They get a cab about the same time as Sam & Dan, and the race is on. The jerks, er, brothers arrive first, and when Phil asks them which team they hope will be eliminated today, they answer either Meghan & Cheyne or the Globetrotters. Right on cue, the Globetrotters arrive at the mat, and they tell Phil that "there's some drama going on because someone stole somebody's taxi". Sam & Dan get deadly serious, and fast.

Ericka has finally found her mandolin, and they are the last team to arrive. Perhaps because the producers realize that there's potential for some nice conflict, Phil informs Brian & Ericka that this is a non-elimination leg, but they'll have to perform a speed bump in the next round. The good news is that there are three likable teams competing for the final three spots, with a fourth team that we hate. Yes, we hate them. In tonight's show, mistakes were made, taxis were stolen, and the ramifications will be earth-shattering! Daron Aldridge will be back to recap the final two episodes after he gets back from Disney World, assuming that we can ever make him leave the happiest place on Earth. If the choices are that or talking about the brothers, we don't blame him for staying at Space Mountain until the season ends.

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