The Amazing Race Recap

We're Not Working With Anybody, Ever, Anymore!

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

November 22, 2009

Don't save them. Let them die!

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The Detour gives them two choices: Fast & Furious or Slow & Steady. Fast & Furious have them kayaking through some rapids. If they tip over before reaching a hanging ribbon containing a clue, they have to start over. Slow & Steady has them hanging from a wire and making their longer but surer way to the finish. Meghan & Cheyne and the Globetrotters choose the slower approach (which definitely seems safer), while the brothers go with the kayaks. All of the teams are at this detour except Brian & Ericka, who are now wandering around the square wondering what a Praga is.

As the Detours begin, the brothers yell out to the other teams hanging above them, "We're gonna beat ya!" Five seconds later, the squabbling begins. These guys are so innately dislikable they can't even stand to be in the same boat with each other. Oh yes, we can see where this is going and we can't wait.

And moments later, we get our wish. As we chant, "Flip, flip, flip!" they flip! It's hard for two people to make a lot of noise during a standing ovation, but we manage somehow. It's back to the drawing board for the bozos. They get to enjoy each other's company for a little while longer. The shot of their boat floating down the river without them gives us great glee.

Over at the slow task, both teams are struggling, but they are making progress. It's a tough, uphill climb, and it's going to take them awhile to finish.


The brothers have started their second round, and it's over...well, let's just say they're dumped back in the water almost instantly. They had switched positions, but it didn't do any good. The two of them can't get along long enough to cooperate for the challenge and talk it out. Also, those damned Globetrotters are hanging above them and it causes them a bunch of rage and stuff. One of them says, "You're supposed to steer!" We expect the other one's retort to be, "I'm telling mom!"

Over at the slow challenge, Flight Time reaches the end first and the operator of the line tells him to climb down. Cheyne & Meghan have also arrived, and they start yelling that he's going slow on purpose to keep them from pulling ahead (Big Easy is still struggling to the end). Flight Time looks like he's just being careful, but admits that once they start hollering at him that he does in fact slow down on purpose.

And we're back to the brothers, who are having another go at kayaking. We're sure they'll be able to work together this time. Actually, our conclusion as they start screaming at each other again is that last year we had a deaf contestant, and this year we have a contestant who wishes he were deaf. We still don't know which one of Sam or Dan that is, though.

Flight Time does tell Meghan that he didn't appreciate them accusing him of cheating to slow them down. She says, "It wasn't like that, man," but it's pretty clear that Flight Time is really disappointed in them. He actually seems to believe in good sportsmanship, and as the race proceeds, he's becoming disillusioned by the way that some people are playing the game.

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