Survivor: Samoa

The Day of Reckoning

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 22, 2009

Why does Shambo hate me? I only spat in her food those 17 times.

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What these scenes reveal is that the bond between Galu tribe members is practically nonexistent. Yes, Laura and Monica have a connection, but Dave is just flaky (who knows what he's doing?), Brett seems content to think he's some kind of puppet master, and John realizes that his own self-interest is key at this point, but he's really a man without a country given the seeming rift between himself and his former tribemates. Perhaps it's personality conflict or maybe it's because they didn't have to do any strategy prior to the merge, but they just don't have the connections to each other to make any sort of alliance work.

As we arrive at tribal council, it is clear that lines have been drawn in the sand. Everyone wants to get to it and see what happens next, and there seems to be a strange energy surrounding the notion that a lot of tonight's events will be up to luck and chance, which we suppose is why Las Vegas is a billion dollar industry. Probst does make clear the rules of the tie-breaker and point blank asks Dave if he's okay with luck deciding whether he stays in the game. Our jaws hit the ground as Dave effectively says, "Yes, it's great that there is a 12.5% chance I'm going home tonight!" Dave needs to watch more poker on ESPN to understand why relying on such odds is a very bad idea, especially when YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK IN THIS SITUATION.

Shambo is the dumbest player in this game, but if you want to beat someone at checkers, we like your chances against Dave.


So, we get to the vote, and Dave is ready to risk it all! But before he can, Natalie has to get four votes in the second round (neither Natalie nor Laura vote), and she does not. Dave, Monica and Brett all stick to the plan, but the person who wasn't asked about it, John, has yet to warm to the idea that he could be eliminated instead of Laura. He correctly decides to flip his vote to her, who becomes the third consecutive member of Galu to be eliminated since Erik stated that Galu was going to systematically knock off the members of Foa Foa.

During the next non-clip episode, there are going to be three very angry Galu tribemates. Monica, Dave and Brett will be pissed that John voted for Laura, making the rocket scientist a wolfpack of one. The Foa Foa trio of Mick, Natalie and Jaison remains the power group of the season, though they're making their moves behind the scenes. Evil Russell still has a hidden immunity idol in play, and Shambo's starting to have a Bellatrix Lestrange thing happening.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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