Survivor: Samoa

The Day of Reckoning

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 22, 2009

Why does Shambo hate me? I only spat in her food those 17 times.

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It's shameless product placement time as we have our first Probst sighting of the evening. They're hyping a cell phone, which is kind of like shilling bread and water to prison inmates at this point. The reward challenge splits the Survivors into two teams of five. One member of each team will climb into a a flying stretcher. The other members of the team use ropes to guide the stretcher around so that the stretcher person can grab a series of 15 flags. First team to finish gets the use of the phone as well as a plane ride to a beautiful island, where they get to eat hot dogs, pies, and other assorted picnic items. It's not really very close. The team of Dave, Natalie, Evil Russell, Laura and Brett takes the prize. Much joy is shared and they take photos with the phone.

Back at camp, challenge losers Mick and Jaison approach Monica about joining their alliance. With Kelly gone, Monica has lost a vital alliance member and she might be a bit untethered, particularly since Laura's behavior makes her oppressive to be around. When she comments that she would be their fifth, they disabuse her of that notion. They tell Monica that she would actually be their sixth, which takes her aback, but it doesn't take her a Sherlock Holmes-type of deduction to figure out that they're talking about Shambo (though Mick and Jaison might be giving Shambo an awful lot of credit). Monica tells the boys that she'll consider their offer, and informs them that John is her target, a surprising development in and of itself.

A funny segment ensues wherein the reward challenge winners see a short video clip and picture clues to help them ascertain the location of the idol. The producers effectively take this opportunity to yell at Evil Russell, "The immunity idol is not here! We swear it's not here! Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge."


When they arrive back at camp, the Easter Egg hunt/race is on. The former members of Galu form a prevent defense, but Evil Russell breaks a tackle by Laura and blows past Dave into the open field. Moments later, Laura screams at Dave as he offers the panicked statement, "I lost him!" Evil Russell backtracks to the spot where the producers would never ever ever give away the location of the hidden immunity idol, and he retrieves his third one. Wrestlemania isn't this fixed.

Cut to Laura and Monica, one of whom currently seems likely to go home tonight. Laura probably could have survived a feud with just Shambo or just Evil Russell, but fighting with both of them has served to spell her eventual doom. For the second consecutive episode, Monica astutely evaluates the overall tribe's status. She has not only sussed out Shambo's treachery (which probably isn't that hard, since she's sitting outside a tent with Natalie and Evil Russell, chatting and laughing), but she has also deduced that John's loyalties are always up for grabs. Laura recognizes that she has a target on her back, and comments that she must win the immunity challenge. As it has been for the last two episodes, this is very true.

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