Survivor: Samoa

The Day of Reckoning

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 22, 2009

Why does Shambo hate me? I only spat in her food those 17 times.

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Probst Returns: The Probstening! The immunity challenge has the players throwing a rock at some tiles to try to break up to three of them. They get only one throw to break their tiles, and will be awarded spears based on the number of their tiles they break. Shambo's latest secret super spy move is to point and laugh at Laura when she fails to win immunity. We've seen more intrigue in an episode of Beverly Hillbillies.

In the second portion of the challenge, Brett has two spears to aim at the target, versus one apiece for Jaison, Monica (who gets hers because Dave broke her tile accidentally) and Mick. Brett goes first and hits the target, meaning that the others must get closer to the bullseye to win. Mick manages to do just that, and Brett's second shot falls short, meaning that Foa Foa has a couple of immunities in play for tonight's Tribal.

During some gameplay discussion, John is kind enough to recount the decision-making process of his Galu cohorts. "It's continually impressive and bordering on annoying how pathetic the analytical skills of the Galu tribe are. Let's telegraph a move to Russell. You're an idiot. Let's sit back, and let's piss off Shambo. You're an idiot. Let's sit back and vote off Erik over a 30-second decision. You're an idiot." Thanks for taking over for us, buddy.


Monica is having similar results with Dave. She aptly evaluates the situation once again, deducing that Laura is going home tonight unless something is done. Dave and Brett (two of John's idiots) reply, "No, it would be a tie." Then, Monica tells them that if they can tell the Foa Foa tribe to vote for John, maybe they can manage to get Natalie voted out and the tide can shift back in their direction. In this scenario, the vote would be five for Natalie, four for John, and Shambo for Laura. This sounds like a great plan in Galu for everyone whose name is not John.

Naturally, the Foa Foa folks are dubious of what Monica says, and plan to tell John about his allies' semi-betrayal. But Brett gets to him first, telling him that it's a swerve to eliminate Natalie. We've been debating whether the best player this season is John or Brett, and we get the vibe that they have as well. They have a contentious conversation about the plan, wherein John states that if Brett wanted to volunteer somebody, it should have been himself. Brett nonchalantly shrugs his shoulders, as if the deal is done. John then tracks Evil Russell down in the woods, and Russ states the obvious: it's a transparent ploy that Foa Foa will not fall for. At this point, John offers a monologue where he tells us that Survivor rules this season are again using the same process that saw Rodger Bingham eliminated without receiving a single vote in Season Two (Australian Outback). If there is a tie after two rounds of voting, the contestants who are not deadlocked must each draw a rock from a bag to determine the loser. In effect, if Laura and Natalie are tied after two rounds, there is a 12.5% chance that John goes home. He is dissatisfied with those percentages and wisely so. We're a little confused by much of this, because Monica and Brett (and Dave if he ever gets a clue) should have the same concerns as John but seem blissfully ignorant.

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