Take Five

By George Rose

November 10, 2009

Jeff Goldblum is a poor substitute for DJ Jazzy Jeff.

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Welcome to Take Five, your weekly list of five random movie recommendations. Most people don't have time to watch five movies in a week. Most people don't even have five minutes to take a break and relax. Take Five is here to quicken your search for reliable entertainment (or at least movies that I deem entertaining) so you can enjoy what little free time you have. And really, who reading this article doesn't want to spend their free time watching movies? It's not like you're on sports Web site.

Take Five took a break last week, as other work assignments and the epic MLB World Series consumed most of my time. It broke my heart to see the Yankees win but I guess it's pretty cool that it was their first year playing in their new stadium, and they won the series in a game AT that stadium. I don't know why I'm pretending to care so much, though, because that really is old news. So much has happened since game six of the series. Michael Jackson's This Is It came out and... few people saw it. What happened to news that it was breaking all sorts of pre-release online ticket sales? Such a record should inevitably lead to it breaking $25 million on opening weekend but I guess audiences were tired of all Jackson's post-death media coverage. I know I was. Well, that, and I'm trying to save money by not going to see every piece of crap that's released each weekend. It's been tough not going to the movies but, considering what I'm missing, it's been bearable.


I also missed this past weekend's A Christmas Carol. Again, so did everyone else. It barely cracked $30 million, which is a travesty considering the Disney and Carrey names attached. Remember when How the Grinch Stole Christmas opened to over $50 million? Well, A Christmas Carol shouldn't have had any problems taking on that number, since the Grinch came out almost ten years ago and wasn't released in 3D and/or IMAX. Like me, though, many people seem to be saving their money for the onslaught of true blockbusters coming out. This weekend brings 2012, the next Roland Emmerich "the world is going to end" epic. My guess is that it will be terrible, as far as plot is concerned anyway, but there hasn't been a movie as packed with special effects and action sequences in months. The main reason I'm seeing it is because my father offered to take me to the movies this Friday because I just had my wisdom teeth taken out. If it was up to me and money from my own pocket, there's only one movie I'm willing to spend my money on right now...

The Twilight Saga's New Moon. Man, oh man, am I watering at the mouth for this movie. Less than two weeks, everyone! The next addition to Twilight is almost here! I'm probably so excited because I haven't read the books, so there's very little room for me to be disappointed. All I need is vampires and Kristen Stewart, and I'm golden. Until Twilight 2, there are still plenty of cheap ways to watch movies: TV and Netflix. Struggling to find holdover material until 2012 or New Moon? Well, skip that Michael Jackson nonsense and head to Blockbuster, because here are a few movies that are definitely worth staying in to watch and saving a few bucks.

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