Take Five

By George Rose

June 30, 2009

Hugh Grant takes Up's 3-D effects seriously.

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I've done this sort of thing before, as I recommended the X-Men trilogy before seeing Wolverine (another summer heartbreak). Since my goal during the rest of the summer is to talk about movies I'm watching for the first time, this is my last opportunity for a few months to recommend a franchise in place of one movie. Because I have absolute faith in the Harry Potter films (I've seen and loved them all, despite not having read them) and am so hurt by how Michael Bay betrayed us all once again, I figured I'd tell you all to watch or re-watch the Harry Potter films. It is my goal to make sure Harry Potter 6 makes more money than Transformers 2, though I doubt it will. Harry Potter 7: Part 2 probably will, but as far as the HP track record is concerned, it will probably cap off at around $300 million, not enough to beat the Decepticons.

I would also normally tell you about the plot, but you'd have to be living under a rock without Internet to know about Harry Potter. Or maybe you live on the island of Chios in Greece, since they are also void of technology and global communication. Just in case today was the first day you bought a computer and Internet, and have found yourself at BOP reading my Take Five article, Harry Potter is about a boy who attends a school for wizards with his two best friends. Each time around they fight some version of Voldemort, Harry's nemesis and the guy who killed his parents. There are tons of sub-plots and side characters worth mentioning, but you'll just have to watch the first five films and go see the sixth on July 15th to figure them all out. Or just go read the books.


And that, my dear readers, is the end of this week's article. I hope you enjoyed the little glimpse into my life that I threw into this week's article. Maybe I'll do another "Five Degrees of George Rose" sometime. Until then, check back again in two weeks on July 14th for the very first Take Five: Greek Edition. Or should I call it My Big Fat Greek Take Five? Who knows, maybe I'll surprise you all when you check back then. Anyway, I hope you all have as wonderful a summer as I'm planning to have and may all your flights be as safe and delay-free as I'd like mine on Wednesday to be. See you soon, America!

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