Take Five

By George Rose

June 30, 2009

Hugh Grant takes Up's 3-D effects seriously.

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After my breakup, I saw myself becoming like these men. I figured I'd end up alone, miserable and constantly creating arguments with people as my form of entertainment, rather than getting up off my self-deprecating butt and finding something that makes me smile instead of sneer, like a new neighbor that would be the object of my affection. It took a long time to stop being a grumpy old man myself but the film reminds me that my life may not have turned out so bad if I did. Grumpy old men are hilarious (go see Pixar's Up if you need more proof) and even they get second chances at love. While my second chance didn't take 50 years of waiting, it was a long time before I'd move on and stop exacting my own revenge on the one that stole my first love. Let me tell you something, kids, first love is not all it's cracked up to be. It's only great because you don't know what to expect. You let hopes and Walt Disney get you all excited but it doesn't work like the fairy tale. Losing love is common and it feels terrible, but it's worth going through so you can learn from it and make the second love stronger and make wiser decisions during it. Loss isn't so bad, just ask...


Harry Potter 1-5 (2001-2007)

Ok, so this one doesn't tie into my life too much, other than it being a franchise the moron bartender and I have enjoyed thoroughly. I'm mostly mentioning it because of all the movies coming out this summer from now until my return from Greece on September 2, I am most disappointed about missing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I'm mostly upset because Transformers: ROTF was a travesty and I wish I had seen a better movie in theaters before going to a place without theaters for two months. To be honest, I'd rather see Star Trek (so, so, so good) for a fourth time than ever see Transformers: ROTF again.

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