Take Five

By George Rose

June 30, 2009

Hugh Grant takes Up's 3-D effects seriously.

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These changes are as follows:

* Take Five will be published every two weeks, as opposed to its regular weekly schedule (New schedule: 7/14, 7/28, 8/11 and 8/25). If I'm lucky enough to have more frequent Internet access, I will try and post a few more. It will return to its weekly release pattern on 9/8/09.

* I will not be able to check the Internet daily. I will not be able to see the rest of the summer movies (until I return and go to the theater for a marathon). Most importantly, and much to my heartbreak, I will not be able to follow the daily and weekly box office tracking and income. Because of these things which I'll lose out on while away, my typical intro of box office commentary will be changed to bragging about life in a foreign country. Take Five is going on vacation too, and you're all going to come with me! OPA!!!

* Instead of recommending five movies I have seen in the past, I'm going to watch brand new movies I have never seen before. I'm bringing my laptop with me and my college roommate, Ken, was generous enough to loan me a large portion of the 600 DVDs he owns. I figured if the article was going to be released differently, would be written in a different country and would have a different intro, I might as well mix things up and have a little fun with it. Let's try something new, people! It's summer so I'm going to go wild with it.

I will obviously still discuss five movies in each article or I would have to change the Take Five title. After weeks of writing about how we don't often get much free time in our busy lives to take a five minute break or to watch five movies a week (let alone one), I'm going to... take a break and watch five movies! God (or whoever) has heard my prayers (or ranting) and is helping to take Take Five to new heights. I leave Wednesday morning and have a ton of packing to finish, so let's get this week's recommendations going, shall we?


You know what, I think I'll mix it up now. Why wait two weeks, right? I don't have time (as usual) to watch five new movies I haven't seen but I'm going to play a little game and see if I can tell a story with some of these movies. Let's call it "Five Degrees of George Rose"! While I'm in Greece, I plan on writing a memoir of my college escapades and the one I'll be on in Greece, so in honor of this book (cross your fingers it gets published one day) I'm going to tell a little story using some movies that have been by my side during these adventures.

Cruel Intentions (1999)

Think Gossip Girl, but better quality, acting and cast. Cruel Intentions came out just before I got to high school and was everything I looked up to before I started ninth grade. Starring Ryan Phillippe, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair and Joshua Jackson, the story follows two sexual-deviant step-siblings, Sebastian and Kathryn (Phillippe and Gellar), as they plot to destroy the reputation of the daughter of the headmaster of their private school. They make a bet that requires Sebastian to bed this new-good-girl-in-town, Annette (Witherspoon), all while manipulating the lives of their other friends (Blair and Jackson) as well. People can be so cruel, can't they? Of course it isn't as easy as they planned and they quickly learn that harming the lives of others can often lead to harming your own.

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