Survivor: Tocantins Finale Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 18, 2009

We'll just call him The Domination from now on.

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Previously on Survivor, a couple of nitwits named Tyson and Coach postured themselves to be exceptional players. Confused by the point of Survivor, they proceeded to take a victory lap after they had voted off the perceived strongest player in the game, Brendon. There were eight players remaining in the game at that point. So obsessed was Tyson with the man that he spent the body of the next Tribal Council gloating over the fall of the man they had designated to be The Dragon. Moments later, Tyson was eliminated from the game. It couldn't have happened to a dumber guy.

Okay, that part is debatable since a dumber guy was voted off on his Thursday evening. His name is Coach and the fact that his vote counts as the same as yours on Election Day should be reason enough to question the idea of democracy. The end result of these two goofs bungling the end game in epic fashion is that the game's power trio - Taj, Stephen and J.T. - have coasted to the end with the type of ease the game hasn't seen since Ethan's alliance. One of the three of them or Erinn (ha!) will be the winner of Survivor this season.

Odds are that this person will be J.T., the game's most devious and clever player, but there is a chance his manipulation has been so subtle he cannot prove it to a jury. In that eventuality, Stephen, the other great strategist this season, will almost certainly prove to be the winner. We love the way Taj has played the game, but no one in their right mind is going to give the wife of Eddie George another million dollars to throw on the pile for the same reason no one takes lava to Pompeii. As for Erinn, the only hope she has is if she wins immunity a couple of times, betrayals come into vogue for the first time this season, or the other contestants suffer simultaneous congenital heart defects. That's our opinion, anyway. Of course, we thought Sugar was going to win a million dollars at this time last season, so our point of view has been proven suspect. Not as suspect as Coach's, but still.


We start tonight's episode by witnessing a stunning display of arrogance from J.T. and Stephen as they discuss which one of them will win a jury vote. Stephen is rightfully concerned because J.T. stuck with Coach on the earlier vote, meaning that he's got the "honesty" factor going for him. J.T. tries to tell him that no one knows who the actual betrayer of Coach was, but we all know that's not true, especially since Stephen's reaction after Coach's name was read gave him away. All of that is pretty unimportant, though, because we can't believe that Taj and Erinn are just sitting by as the two men determine the game's end. DO SOMETHING!

Stephen and Taj talk a bit about potentially voting out J.T. if he loses immunity at the next challenge, but they're not very emphatic on the subject. (Hint: It would be the right move, dummies.) Meanwhile, Erinn thinks that golly gee willikers, winning immunity would be nice! And if she doesn't win, she may be going home! (Scratch out "may be" and replace with "will absolutely, positively be".)

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