Survivor: Tocantins Finale Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 18, 2009

We'll just call him The Domination from now on.

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Erinn, who almost made the final, asks Stephen how he was able to be in so many different alliances and expect the people he lied to within those alliances to vote for him to win a million dollars. He says something confusing about dynamic structures and aggressive gameplay. We're not sure what she or the other jurors will think of that answer. She asks J.T. why he believed that he took the strongest person with him to the final. He says that from early on, he believed that Stephen was a strong mental player and that when the merge occurred, he told other players such as Coach that Stephen was the best.

Now we move on to Debbie, who is one of those annoying jurors that likes to pretend she has a ton of power in her one vote. This year, it might be true, though. She tells J.T. that she responded to him early on because she thought he was honest, but as the game went on, she realized he might be a little devious. She asks him which of those people he really is. His answer is before he came on the game of Survivor, his mother told him that he should never believe anything people tell him. And he reminds her that she was lying to people as the game got to its later stages, and gets the fact out there that she lied to Coach. She seems to accept this answer. She asks Stephen the super tough question, though. She asks him if he would have taken J.T. or Erinn to the final with him if he had won immunity. He says he doesn't know, but she won't accept the answer. Therefore, he says he thinks it would have been Erinn. He would like to think he would have taken J.T., but he just doesn't think that's what he would have done. J.T. is visibly hurt by this declaration. We're not sure how the confession affects the voting other than continuing to ensure that J.T. has Coach's vote, but it's a big deal.


Coach comes up and says some things about blah blah blah honesty and blah blah blah nobility. He asks J.T. about those things, we think. J.T. tells him that he promised not to vote for Coach and he held to that word. He also explains that the nature of the game forced him to occasionally keep things from Coach, but that he did not directly lie. Additionally, he makes an argument for his own nobility by noting that he could have taken the easy way to a million dollars by choosing Erinn to go to the final two with him. Instead, he went the noble route and went man to man against his good friend. This is a darned compelling argument and might have just won him a million bucks.

Now Coach moves on to "evil wizard" Stephen and asks the same question. Stephen says that he voted for every single person sitting on the jury. This makes him honest, somehow. As for nobility, he correctly states that he hasn't said a single bad thing about J.T. during this Tribal Council. This was probably a better answer than Coach wanted to hear.

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