Survivor: Tocantins Finale Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 18, 2009

We'll just call him The Domination from now on.

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Sierra comes up and is pretty much worthless. She has nothing to ask Stephen, but asks J.T. how he can truly believe that he is sitting next to the strongest person. He says that Stephen won individual immunity and came close to beating him in the final challenge. She mutters something about J.T. having lost her respect, which just kind of makes us say ooooooooookay. She's the kind of chick who writes love letters to death row inmates. She likes really miserable sons of bitches. The J.T.'s of the world are just too nice for her.

Tyson comes up and is insidious, just like he likes to be. He notes that the two of them have commented a lot about how they have shared a mind when it comes to the game, and wonders if J.T. believes he could have gotten to the final without his alliance with Stephen. J.T. says he believes he could have. Stephen then says that he's hurt by this assertion, because he thinks it devalues their friendship and their ability to work together so well. He reasons that both Erinn and Taj would have taken him to the final instead of J.T., and J.T. doesn't have much he can say to that, really. Tyson smirks as if thinking he's victorious, but come on. If any of you people sitting on the jury had explored these cracks in the J.T./Stephen relationship during the game, you could have been sitting there right now instead of them. Don't act like you've done something clever.

Finally, we have Taj, who was crushed and betrayed by both her boys. She says to J.T. that she doesn't understand how it could have been so hard for him to write down Coach's name but it seemed effortless to write down hers. J.T. says it absolutely was not, and he considered her to be a sister to him. She is even more upset with Stephen, and says that he displayed some baffling behavior during the late stages of the game. Stephen tells her that there were many times during the course of the game that J.T. wanted to take her out and Stephen protected her during those times. J.T. counters and said that there was never a time when he was making that suggestion on his own. They argue about it some, but Taj is done with them. Stephen gets a little upset and tells J.T. that he's tired of him slandering him all night. He then says that their friendship just isn't worth this fighting. J.T. humorously says, "Should have brought Erinn." This works on a couple of levels since we know that Stephen would have taken Erinn and we know that J.T. is extremely hurt by this admission.


This was a pretty big time Tribal Council - one of the best ever. The questions were all excellent and much was revealed. And we have no idea who's going to win, which is great. Either one is deserving, which is also great.

Jeff Probst reads the votes, and the first four go to J.T., which makes him the Survivor winner. It was unanimous, for only the second time in Survivor history. This season surely didn't match up to the awesomeness of last season, but the final Tribal Council was pretty amazing. Congratulations to the Southern Gentleman. Friday Night Lights should just go ahead and sign him on to the cast right now.

*One final note: we learn in the post-show discussion that J.T. was totally putting it on when he acted hurt about Stephen possibly taking Erinn to the final. He figured it would get him a few more votes. *This* is what we we've been talking about when we tell you that he's more devious than anyone ever gave him credit for.

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