Survivor: Tocantins Recap

They Both Went Bananas

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 1, 2009

Dudes. Why did you vote her off? Dudes.

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The final segment prior to Tribal Council shows that Deb has lost it, which has a tendency to happen to the older players this far into the game. Sierra attempts to show that Coach and Deb lied about their prior conversation, so she confronts them in front of everyone in the tribe. Coach first tries to bully her out of the conversation altogether. When that fails, he paints her as the liar and Deb joins in with a particularly useful "Yeah!"

At this point, Sierra again shows the feisty attitude that has made her the most surprisingly tough player this season. She proceeds to recite specific details of their conversation, completely catching Coach and Deb off guard. They are speechless for a moment, a telling turn of events. Eventually, Coach musters up the ability to deny it and Deb starts shouting and crying about how terribly hard this has been on her, having to deal with Sierra for a month. You know what is a great career move for a principal? Stating that they just cannot relate to much younger people for extended periods of time.

Tribal Council is heated once more. Sierra pulls no punches in describing the events that demonstrate Coach's duplicity. His head almost shoots off his body as he nods it in disgust at her words. Coach would never lie! He simply tells the truth in a way that no one else is smart enough to understand. JT almost goes into a giggle loop enjoying Coach's "explanation of events". He chooses this opportunity to further berate her, once again focusing on her age as a demonstration of her honesty. If Coach and Logic met at a party, an introduction would be required.


While we hope Deb is the one who goes home tonight, the reality is that Sierra has absolutely no friends on the show. Despite being bright, hard working, and remarkably competitive, she doesn't have any support. The fact that she made it all the way until the final seven after almost being voted off before even reaching camp should feel like a win for her. Given how feisty she is, we doubt that this is the case, though. A very strong player is voted off, 4-2, with Stephen getting a surprising vote as well.

"I think Sierra just caught Coach in a lie." -- Stephen. This is an accomplishment on the scale of finding a dolphin in water. At Sea World.

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