Survivor: Tocantins Recap

They Both Went Bananas

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 1, 2009

Dudes. Why did you vote her off? Dudes.

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Probst sighting!

The reward challenge is one of those designed to show which members of the tribe are annoying, engaging, or, God forbid, Coach-y. Here are the questions and the majority opinion on the answers:

Who is not living up to their potential the most? Coach wins. Amusingly, Coach celebrates as if this is a good thing.

Who would squander the million dollars the quickest? Sierra is the choice here, which she doesn't like at all.

Who would never survive on their own? We really, really want this answer to be Coach, but Debbie is the winning answer.


Who would you trust with your life? This answer is JT and it appears to be unanimous. He gloats about this in a monologue, pointing out that in the game, he hasn't been the least bit trustworthy thus far. The fact that he's been pegged as a simple country boy is really working well for him.

Who is most likely to stab you in the back? Sierra is again the winning choice.

Who would you least like to see win this game? The correct answer is Sierra. Sierra is not winning Miss Congeniality this season. She's the least popular model this side of Tyra Banks.

The people who get answers right are allowed to take a whack at other totems. In the first round, this causes Erinn to somewhat arbitrarily target Sierra, Deb to take out some frustration on JT, Taj to remind Deb that she only pretends to like the woman, Coach bullies Sierra some more (yeah, that will make her want to align herself with you, Einstein) and Sierra retaliates by taking a machete to Coach. We only wish we made that statement in its most literal sense.

In round two, Deb takes a whack at Erinn (again, you want these people to be your allies), JT eliminates Sierra, and Erinn returns the favor on Deb. Round three sees Taj and Erinn take out Coach immediately, allowing him to join Sierra on the bench, where they can exchange glares. Stephen finishes off Deb, but she gets to return the favor. Proving how little strategy she is using at the moment, she instead targets Erinn for a second time. When Erinn is not feasting on the reward, I'm certain she'll be totally open to negotiating with you, Deb.

The rest of the game sees Taj target JT. Rather than return the favor, JT eliminates Erinn. Perhaps his southern accent will make her believe it when he says, "I'm sorry, baby." Note to Erinn: he is not in fact sorry. At all. She figures that and takes this opportunity to return the favor by eliminating JT. This leaves only Taj and Stephen with Stephen getting first whack (hee HEE hee) at her rope. They both get the next answer right and take a shot at one another. On the final question about who least deserves to win Survivor, Taj picks Coach, the answer that should be right, and Stephen picks Sierra, the answer that is right. Stephen wins the reward challenge. He is allowed to bring two people (he chooses Taj and JT, of course) and sends Erinn to Exile Island in order to guarantee that if a new immunity idol pops up, his alliance grabs it. Deb would be mortified to hear that he names his allies as Taj, Erinn, JT and himself. Deb, Coach and Sierra appear likely to be the next three to go.

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