Survivor: Tocantins Recap

They Both Went Bananas

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 1, 2009

Dudes. Why did you vote her off? Dudes.

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There are two significant occurrences at the reward feast. The first is that a three-year-old child falls and hurts her head, triggering Taj's mommy mode. She cradles the girl and hugs her until she stops crying. Then, she cries during a camera confessional as she discusses how much this makes her miss her own son. Her inner turmoil does not, however, prevent her from taking a swim in a particularly nasty pond along with Stephen and JT.

These three discuss strategy and let the viewer in on the actual pecking order in the tribe these days. Coach is going to be propped along indefinitely since everyone views him as a fraud and not the least bit of a threat. Watching that tonight probably made him cry even more than Taj just did. He's the strongest, dammit. HE IS THE DRAGON SLAYER!!! They see him as the squire to the dragon slayer who gets tragically eaten midway through act two. Meanwhile, they perceive Deb as a master strategist who represents a threat. Most shocking of all to Coach, they want Sierra gone because Stephen finally gets what we've been saying all along. She is a badass competitor. She looks to be gone tonight.

Tonight's episode offers a look back at the halcyon days of 2001 when talking to the hand was all the rage. When Coach and Deb attempt to berate Sierra into allying with them once, she gets all pissy about the fact that they tried to vote her off the previous night. How incredibly selfish of her. Infuriated by such logic, Deb throws up her hand in Sierra's face and states that she is done. That's it. She's done. No more. She has had it up to her with ungrateful Sierra, who should be a lot more appreciative of her original tribe. After all, they have only tried to vote her off three times now. That's barely even a third of the time! What is it with this chick and her high and mighty attitude???


A humorous pair of conversations occurs at this point. Recognizing who the power players are, Sierra reports back to Stephen that Deb and Coach just tried to reunite the Timbira group. She hopes to curry favor with the three people in command of the game in this manner. Rather than believe her, the boys go back to Coach and ask him for his depiction of the prior conversation. He proceeds to describe a chat that may very well have happened, but it certainly wasn't shown on this broadcast. In this one, he not only rejected any such ideas of reforming the Timbira alliance but the mere thought of it turns his stomach! And he told Sierra that! Why would she lie about it? He hates liars who lie.

Probsty-poo is back! The Immunity Award challenge requires hooks to ensnare chain-linked bags. JT draws first blood, followed by Taj, Debbie and Stephen. When Coach scores, Erinn gets defensive and claims that this is happening because she hasn't eaten in three days. Apparently, you can't toss a hook straight if you haven't dined in awhile. Coach becomes the first contestant to grab his three bags, followed quickly by JT. Deb also gets her three bags, which means that she moves along to the final with Coach and JT. They must complete one of those mazes where they have to take a ball to the end without dropping it through a hole. JT is ahead, but then he loses his ball in the middle. Coach takes Immunity, and also uses this opportunity to remind us that he's the Dragon Slayer. He really took it to that ball on the maze, after all.

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