One Month Out: Part Three

By BOP Staff

April 17, 2009

Callista Flockhart three years from now.

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The dog will make this movie do 27% more business than it might have otherwise

Kim Hollis: What are your thoughts and expectations for the box office performance of Up?

Josh Spiegel: I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Up will be a bigger success than Ratatouille or WALL-E were for Disney/Pixar. First of all, having the movie show on 3-D-equipped screens is going to give the box office a big boost, even if those screens will only be available until early July. That will help combat Up against the other big family film of the month, Night at the Museum 2: Electric Boogaloo. Also, the general Disney/Pixar label plus good reviews (presuming the praise comes) will help bring audiences in. Overall, I'd expect Up to get close to $250 million, mostly due to 3-D.

Brandon Scott: I am not sure this one translates to kids as well as others have, but then, Wall-E was deemed disappointing by so many in terms of box office performance. It seems adults are "up" for this one, but I haven't seen anything that looks interesting to me (shocker, right?). Pixar is a shoo-in for high ones to two bills though in most cases, and I suspect that this is another in the line in that realm. Nothing scorching like $300 million, though. I just don't see that from what I have seen of the film.


Joel Corcoran: I'm with Josh on this one. Up has the potential to be the break-out surprise hit of the summer, but even if that doesn't turn out to be the case, it should do at least as well as WALL-E.

Sean Collier: I'm going to go against the tide and say that Up does not beat WALL-E. Like WALL-E, it seems like a tough sell - no cartoonish cars or adorable fish here, just an old man and a fat boy scout - and the 3-D price tag may actually be a deterrent if kids are indeed indifferent. I'd call it for a respectable showing, but little more.

Max Braden: I'm with Sean on this one. Up is a return to more straightforward movie after the silent treatment of WALL-E, but as we discussed previously about the difference between Pixar and Dreamworks, Up still doesn't look like it's going for the gut. After the setup, then what? I don't see a lot in the trailer that's worthy of repeat business.

Jim Van Nest: I have no doubts that Up will be one of my favorite films of the year. Pixar usually hits the mark with me. I do have doubts about Up being a huge box office smash, though. The current trailers have even me yawning. And if the choice is the old man cartoon or the dinosaur bones that come to kids are gonna go see the dinosaur a second time before they see the old man. Pixar needs to take a quick peek at the Bolt trailer and re-work Up a little bit or like Sean said, it will throw under WALL-E.

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