Survivor: Tocantins

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

February 27, 2009

He's pretty happy for someone who feels so awful.

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Previously on Survivor, Candace and Coach reenacted choice moments from The Cutting Edge, which is not easy to do in 120 degree weather. Eventually, their love/hate relationship devolved into pure, unadulterated hatred and Coach toepicked her to the curb. We're a full two hours into the season and we still don't know who anybody is among the people who aren't married to Eddie George. That can't be good.

This week starts with Candace's former BFF, Erinn, scrambling to curry favor with the rest of the Timbira tribe. Eagle-eyed viewers would have noticed last week that Erinn joined the rest of the group in voting against Candace. We were not sure at the time whether that portended her making new allegiances. It turns out that she deduced what the others had intended and thought that by going along with the majority, she would gain new friends. Instead, she's a person without any allies and she's sort of pissed off her teammates with her transparent attempt to make new friends and influence people. Coach calls her a fraud, which is a bit like the producers of Hotel for Dogs making fun of Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

In the morning, the big news at Timbira is that Jerry, the player we'd expected to most easily adjust to the climate conditions due to his military experience, is suffering from significant stomach pains. The man has served multiple tours in Afghanistan, a place with similarly scorching heat, so he, too, expresses surprise at his physical condition, pondering whether their steady diet of beans may be the source of his physical woes. It's bad news for all of Timbira that one of their strongest players has decided that a starvation diet is a good idea in 120 degree weather.


Team Jalapao, or as we're calling them, Team Eddie George, is trying to use the fishing equipment won at the previous challenge. Thus far, all they have to show for their troubles is a pair of tiny minnows. The budding bromance team of JT and Stephen turns things around by capturing a couple of bigger fishes, including a trout that is significant enough to feed the entire group. All this does is remind us how much we'll miss Top Chef.

It's Probst-y time! In this Reward Challenge, the two teams are playing for some tarp, blankets and a few chairs. This challenge features one of the worst performances a team has ever offered. The competition involves that Survivor staple where most of the tribe is blindfolded. One player, the "shouter", yells out instructions that help their teammates navigate a maze to retrieve buckets of water, then corn. It sounds simple in execution, and Joe from Jalapao has no problem directing his tribe to accomplish all their tasks. Debra's instructions for her Timbira tribe mates prove to be an inmitigated disaster. Despite the fact that she yells herself hoarse, they ignore her at times and simply go the wrong way at others. Their frustration grows until such time as they completely turn on one another. Timbira has not even completed the water portion by the time Jalapao has gained victory. This sets off the always combustible Coach, and seems likely to jeopardize Debra's position within the tribe. Meanwhile, Brendan is chosen to go to Exile Island, and he once again chooses to bring Taj with him, repeating last week's events. The early stage of this game belongs completely to Jalapao.

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