Survivor: Tocantins

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

February 27, 2009

He's pretty happy for someone who feels so awful.

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The vote is unsurprising. When a person gets sick on the show, they generally get voted off. When a person states an intention to quit, they are almost always voted off. Both of these things have happened to Jerry, so he has to be eliminated, and he is. Despite a transparent attempt by the producers to show Tyson hinting at a sandbag, Erinn gets only one vote. The rest go to Jerry and he is out of the game. In his monologues, he verifies that he considers this competition far and away the most difficult thing he has ever done, an impressive statement coming from such an accomplished man.


Next week's episode highlights show Taj going to Stephen with the offer to join her in a two person alliance within their tribe. She promises him the opportunity to create one of the biggest upsets in the show's history, and this is the rare time when such a statement is not hyperbole. If Taj, Stephen and Sierra comprised three of the final four, that would undeniably go down as one of the most surprising combinations of weak players surviving until the end in the show's history. Only Brendan would be considered anything resembling a power player with Stephen and Sierra being on the short list of least imposing physical competitors this season. Combined with Taj's not running away from the fact that she is very wealthy, none of them should get to the end of the game without such an alliance. While tonight's episode was boring, it is anything but filler if that plan does come to fruition.

Since there isn't any way for us to end this column tastefully by being funny at the expense of an American soldier, we instead like to point out that Coach was fired from his job last week. He claims that they felt he had gone Hollywood. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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